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Matting Selection Guide

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Matting Selection Guide Select from our wide range of workplace matting solutions

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Matting Selection GuideCONTENTS 1 ANTI-FATIGUE MATS 2 ELECTRICAL SAFETY MATS Anti-Fatigue Mats for Hard Floors Make working on hard floors pain free and comfortable for those who need to stand for extended periods. Electrical Safety Mats for Protection Protect your workforce from potential shock while working in electrical areas. Anti-Slip Flooring & Mats Choose the most appropriate indoor or outdoor anti-slip mat to help prevent workplace trips, slips and falls. 4 ENTRANCE & WALKWAY MATS Entrance & Walkway Mats Stop Dirt Prevent dirt and moisture from being walked into buildings...

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Anti-Fatigue Mats INTRODUCTION Welcome to our Anti-Fatigue Mats selection guide detailing the various options available within our range. This quick reference guide helps you choose the most appropriate antifatigue matting for your workplace environment. To derive optimum benefits, there are a number of factors that should be considered when choosing antifatigue mats, as explained in this guide. We include a brief overview on why anti-fatigue mats are required and the health & safety benefits they deliver to those who regularly stand in the workplace. WHY ARE ANTI-FATIGUE MATS REQUIRED?...

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1 ANTI-FATIGUE FACTORS TO CONSIDER MATTING MATERIALS EXPLAINED Discover more at Slip Resistance Some anti-fatigue mats also have slip-resistant surfaces, therefore providing dual benefits. Each product has information relating to its slip resistance in either wet or dry conditions (see Environment Type). Unless stated otherwise, if a mat has a solid surface it is only suitable for slip-resistance in dry conditions. Surface Type Surface styles and types vary across the range. Solid surface mats are more suited to dry environments where there is no water, oil or chemical spillage. Any debris...

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Anti -Fatigue Matting 1 ANTI-FATIGUE Brand    Image Discover more at ■Q,

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Anti -Fatigue Matting 1 ANTI-FATIGUE Discover more at ■Q,

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Anti -Fatigue Matting Brand Discover more at ■Q,

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Electrical Safety Mats INTRODUCTION We offer a dedicated range of Electrical Safety Mats designed specifically for high voltage environments to protect users from dangerous electric shocks. It is vital to choose the right mat for your location and this guide explains some of the important factors that need to be considered. WHY BUY FROM RS? As industry experts we offer a wide range of electrical safety mats by leading brands such as Coba, Sibille and Facom. You can find all the products you need from one source, with next day delivery, competitive pricing and bulk discounts. WHY ARE...

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BS EN 61111:1992 Standard was revised by CENELEC Revised again to the current standard - BS EN 61111:2009 First international standard for electrical insulated matting. 1st June 2012 - ALL conflicting standards are withdrawn, including BS921 PROOF TEST MAXIMUM WORKING VOLTAGES The BS EN standard offers a class selection system from 1,000V to 36,000V for end users to select the correct product to protect themselves against the possible working voltages they may be exposed to. These tests should not be confused with the working voltages opposite. WITHSTAND TEST A dielectrical resistance test...

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Electrical Safety Matting 2 ELECTRICAL emu y SIBILLE / FACTORY fla sccutfC a. LtuctnctH Discover more at ■Q,

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Electrical Safety Matting 2 ELECTRICAL Discover more at ■Q,

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Anti-Slip Flooring & Mats INTRODUCTION Our Anti-Slip Flooring & Mats selection guide helps you choose the most suitable antislip flooring for your specific workplace environment. It explains key points to consider when selecting anti-slip flooring, helping you to choose the most appropriate product for a safer standing surface. The selection guide gives you details about the different options available in our anti-slip range, which broadly includes PVC/rubber interlinking floor tiles, GRP sheets, stair treads and nosing, PVC matting and adhesive tape in rolls, tiles and cleats. All are easy...

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Images reporesentative of ranges 13

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Anti-Slip Matting Stair Tread & Nosing

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Flooring Panel Images reporesentative of ranges 15

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Brand    Image    Range Safety-Walk™ Safety-Walk™ Safety-Walk™ Safety-Walk™ Safety-Walk™ Safety-Walk™ Images reporesentative of ranges 16

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Anti-Slip Matting Tape Range Tesa Anti-slip Adhesive Primer Brand Images reporesentative of ranges 17

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Entrance & Walkway Mats INTRODUCTION Entrance and Walkway Mats play an important role in helping to keep interior floor surfaces clean and safe underfoot. This guide helps you choose the most appropriate entrance and walkway mats for your environment, from a range that includes interior and exterior floor mats. We explain some of the differences in matting material performance and outline each product’s key characteristics to help you find the perfect entrance or walkway mat. WHY BUY FROM RS? As industry experts we offer a wide range of entrance and walkway mats for indoor and outdoor...

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4 ENTRANCE & WALKWAY ENTRANCE AND WALKWAY APPLICATIONS MATTING MATERIALS EXPLAINED A carpet entrance or walkway mat dries moisture while tough fibres remove any remaining dirt. Cable Protection A cable protector mat covers loose wires, protecting them and preventing accidents. A rubber, nitrile or PVC ‘scraper’ mat begins to remove dirt and debris before you even enter the building. Surface Materials Polypropylene carpet Heavy-duty carpet with Polypropylene fibres that have effective scraping properties for indoor use. Nylon carpet Premium quality carpet with quick-drying properties....

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ENTRANCE & WALKWAY Entrance & Walkway Matting Brand

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