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SCS Humidity Standards Datasheet


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SCS Humidity Standards Datasheet - 1

SCS APPLICATIONS Reference equipment check For all humidity measuring instruments Quality management systems, such as ISO9001 Traceable measurement results now ! SCS certified humidity standards MAIN FEATURES • Cost saving calibration on site • Simple to use • Unlimited shelf life • Traceability according to ISO 9001 • Best uncertainty of measurement ±0,1% rh Grindelstrasse 6 • CH-8303 Bassersdorf • Tel. 01/838 11 44 • Fax 01/837 00 73 ROTRONIC - Your SCS Calibration Laboratory for Relative Humidity Accred. Reg N°. 065 R O T R O N I C ® M E A S U R E S H U M I D I T Y Calibration equipment

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SCS Humidity Standards Datasheet - 2

SCS Humidity Standards and Calibration Devices SCS* Humidity Standards These new ROTRONIC standards are presented in boxes of five sealed glass ampoules of the same value. Each ampoule is marked with the %rh value and a serial number to permit easy identification. The most frequently used standards are the EA35 (35 %rh) and the EA80 (80 %rh). These permit a two point calibration of any ROTRONIC instrument. With the exception of the 0%rh standard the ampoules hold a non saturated salt solution. Granules of a highly porous ceramic (molecular sieve) are used for the 0%rh standard. When our...

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