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Rotronic Continuous Monitoring System


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Rotronic Continuous Monitoring System - 1

Rotronic’s Universal Monitoring System: RMS

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Rotronic Continuous Monitoring System - 2

RMS – ROTRONIC MONITORING SYSTEM High quality standards in production and storage necessitate a comprehensive monitoring system that delivers various measured data reliably. The adaptive RMS Rotronic Monitoring System is the perfect solution for a variety of applications. RMS – For Every Application The Rotronic Monitoring System is a modular system of hardware elements and a server software. It guarantees maximum flexibility at installation time, and ensures excellent availability of the data during operation. The data loggers record all measurements by Rotronic and third-party sensors and...

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Rotronic Continuous Monitoring System - 3

DATA FLOW Input Transducers Rotronic probes or other input transducers such as cameras or third-party sensors can be read out by the data loggers. In this way the RMS monitors a variety of parameters such as humidity, temperature, dew point, door contacts, particles and many more. Data Logger The data logger stores all measured data and sends it to the database. Should the connection be lost, the logger stores the data intermediately to protect data integrity and fills up the data gaps when the connection has been restored. Software / Database The database covers the complete monitoring...

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Rotronic Continuous Monitoring System - 4

The RMS Server Software fulfills all requirements for server-based monitoring. The software is linked to a database that stores all the measured data and actions of the system. The data can be accessed from anywhere in the world via all common platforms as long as an internet connection is available. • Rotronic Canada • Rotronic Genrany Monte Bienne Rotronic Singapore rolromc monitoring syst=m; rms Contact Chart Shows all parameters graphically and numerically. Table Enables sorting and filtering of all input variables available in the system. Layout Visualizes which...

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Rotronic Continuous Monitoring System - 5

Whether by voice call, email, SMS or switching of an alarm relay: the RMS offers clear alarm functions and records all events such as error messages, warnings or system messages in the database. Validation at the Touch of a Button The RMS Server Software enables validation at the touch of a button. The system checks the data integrity automatically by self test in that it switches all input modules into their various states and checks the alarms that are meant to be triggered. The software then generates a validation report on the complete system. Easy User Management The intelligent user...

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Rotronic Continuous Monitoring System - 6

LAN AND WIRELESS SYSTEM All RMS components come with a LAN or wireless interface. They are linked to each other in an Ethernet network or send their data to the data center via a gateway. In this way every module transmits its data to the RMS database. It must therefore be ensured by way of network connections that the RMS modules can reach the server with the Server Software. Display Module The display module can show any values from the RMS network. Humidity, temperature and switch states can be configured per software. Standard Logger Records the measured data of the digital HygroClip...

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Rotronic Continuous Monitoring System - 7

Output Parameters Wireless Interface Data Memory (Points) Power over Ethernet (PoE) Product Overview Data logger RMS-LOG Temperature mini data logger RMS-MLOG-868 Analog input module RMS-ADC Digital input module RMS-DI Digital mini logger RMS-MDI-868 Analog mini logger RMS-MADC-868 Light mini logger RMS-MLOG-LGT-868 Relay module RMS-DO

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Rotronic Continuous Monitoring System - 8

RMS CONVERTER Integrate Third-Party Devices with the RMS Converter The RMS converter allows integration of digital third-party devices via an Ethernet interface. The hardware collects the data of all third-party components and, if necessary, controls them. In this way Rotronic devices from existing networks as well as web cams or third-party devices with public protocol can be integrated. Our customers are therefore able to implement software extensions easily on a project-specific basis. The only requirement is that the devices have an Ethernet interface. Data Integrity The RMS converter...

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Rotronic Continuous Monitoring System - 9

Choice of Digital RMS Probes The digital RMS probes have been developed in line with the latest art of engineering. With minimal current consumption, they measure environmental conditions within a few milliseconds and boast high accuracy. The new probe generation therefore fulfills the requirements for long battery life and quick response times during measurement - and this without any loss in Rotronic's renowned measurement accuracy. Probe Types Industrial probe with remote sensor HCD-IC (2 m, 5 m cable), PPS Industrial probe with remote sensor HCD-IM (2 m, 5 m cable), metal Stainless...

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Rotronic Continuous Monitoring System - 10

Data Security Data security means the data cannot be viewed by unauthorized persons or stolen. This is achieved through encryption during transfer and storage. Data Security in RMS If wanted by the customer, the monitoring system offers encryption of the data during transfer. This means the data can neither be tapped nor manipulated by so-called retry attacks. The security of the stored database is ensured in RMS by the IT structure. The Rotronic cloud is protected by certified IT data centers. If the database is located in the customer’s server center, the customer defines the security...

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Rotronic Continuous Monitoring System - 11

Data Availability Data availability usually stands in contradiction to data security because secure data are difficult to access. The user must authenticate himself and use secure connections or verified platforms. Nevertheless, the trend is clearly moving towards worldwide data accessibility allowing platform-independent viewing and evaluation. Data Integrity Ensuring data integrity means guaranteeing secure transmission and storage. A measured value may not change suddenly during transmission because of disruptions. Data transmission and storage must therefore be safe from manipulation....

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Rotronic Continuous Monitoring System - 12

You Need a Universal and Turnkey Monitoring Solution? With its RMS, Rotronic offers a complete solution for monitoring systems. Our team supports the project from beginning to end from stipulation of the user requirement specifications (URS) and installation of the system to servicing of all measuring points and their regular calibration. The most important phases in RMS projects: - Definition of the URS and clarification of technical implementation. The main task in this phase is to define additional requirements and to prioritize them. - A subsequent demo installation offers the...

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