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PF4 Differential Pressure Transmitter


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PF4 Differential Pressure Transmitter - 1

THE INTELLIGENT TRANSMITTER FOR DIFFERENTIAL-PRESSURE AND TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT • High-precision measurement and long-term stability Fast response time and low hysteresis Analog signals freely configurable Integrated relay switch contact Large overload range Expandable with HygroClip2 sensor or analogue inputs High immunity to dust and humidity in the medium

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PF4 Differential Pressure Transmitter - 2

BE PRECISE: THE MAIN ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE. The new PF4 series is the latest development from ROTRONIC. The thermal measurement technique enables topprecision measurements in the smallest of spaces. This differential-pressure transmitter gives ROTRONIC customers a device to measure a further important parameter in addition to devices for humidity, temperature and CO2 measurement. With the optional connector for HygroClip2 probe, analog input or temperature sensor, the device is widely supported for the most diverse applications. ROTRONIC stands for unparalleled accuracy and long-term...

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PF4 Differential Pressure Transmitter - 3

APPLICATIONS The ROTRONIC differential-pressure transmitters are ideal for clean rooms, operating rooms and applications where even minor differences in pressure can have a big effect. With its thermal mass ow measurement, the PF4 boasts very high long-term stability and is very sensitive to pressure. The additional temperature measurement is probably the most required measurement parameter, especially in the pharmaceutical and food industries. With its digital interface, the device offers direct integration in the HW4 software. HW4 provides a complete monitoring solution fully compliant to...

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PF4 Differential Pressure Transmitter - 4

T E C H N I C A L I N F O R M AT I O N Adjustment One of the most important adjustment points in differentialpressure measurement is zeroing. The PF4 offers easy zeroing at the press of a button and additionally adjustment of the measurement range with reference-value input. General Measurement range Output Signal The analog output signal is freely scalable and congurable with the software. This means you can assign the limit values to the signal freely as needed and also dene the type of output signal freely (0…1 V / 0…5 V / 0…10 V / 0…20 mA / 4…20 mA). Accuracy Inputs Alarms The PF4 has...

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