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HygroPalm23 - 1

THE PERFECT HANDHELD INStRUMENT AND CALIBRATOR FOR CLIMATIC MEASUREMENTS. INTRODUCING AIRCHIP DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY. INNOVATION IN HUMIDITY AND TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT • Highest possible measuring accuracy • Ensures measurement reproducibility • Relative humidity and temperature measurement and calculated psychrometric values • Two interchangeable probe inputs, digital or analog • 20,000 data point memory with real-time clock • Data capture of 250 data points each for up to 8 defined locations • Probe adjustment with dew point reference • Battery status indicator and charging function

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HygroPalm23 - 2

SPECIFY THE BEST: HYGROPALM ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE. The HygroPalm23 is the latest development in handheld measuring instruments for relative humidity, temperature and dew point. Based on AirChip3000 technology, this indicator achieves a degree of accuracy not seen before. In combination with advances in sensor technology and integration, the HygroPalm23 provides superb precision and state-of-the-art functionality, taking humidity and temperature mesurement to a whole new level of performance and reliability (< 0.8 %rh / 0.1 K). Flexible choice of probes • The HygroPalm23 can be fitted with...

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HygroPalm23 - 3

APPLICATIONS. The HygroPalm23 is ideal for all applications where precise measurement of humidity and temperature is required e.g. the food and pharmaceutical industries, printing and paper industries, the sciences, meteorology, agriculture, climatology and many more. There is hardly a field in which these parameters may be ignored. It is ultimately the measuring task at hand that defines the HygroPalm instrument and probe that best meets your needs. Food industry HVAC / Building management Paper industry PROBES FOR HYGROPALM23. Whether you need a simple climate probe for measuring ambient...

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HygroPalm23 - 4

TECHNICAL INFORMATION. Data Logging. View historical data. The values stored in the instrument can be displayed graphically with the optional HW4 software. You can define the storage intervals, the alarm limits, the type of alarm generated (analog or digital probes), the scaling and much more. The HygroPalm23 can therefore be integrated in any application. Data Capture. The HP23 handheld instrument offers you the possibility to record up to 8 x250 data points. This data, including time stamp, can be called up individually, thereby providing perfect multi-room monitoring. Thanks to this...

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