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HygroMet MP102H / 402H


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HygroMet MP102H / 402H - 1

METEOROLOGICAL PROBES FOR RELATIVE HUMIDITY AND TEMPERATURE HYGROMET MP102H/402HRELIABLE & ACCURATE. BASED ON THE AIRCHIP3000 DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY. INNOVATION IN HUMIDITY AND TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT • Relative humidity and temperature measurement with interchangeable HygroClip HC2-S3 • Utilizes the new faster HygroMer V-1 sensor and filter technology offering significantly improved protection against the growth of biofilm • Highest accuracy at 0.8 %rh and 0.1 °C • Range of application: 0...100 %rh and -40...80 °C • All psychrometric calculations available • Outstanding long-term stability • Optional: directly connected Pt100 sensor • Resistant to air pollution and moisture condensation • Digital interface • UART- and service interface to PCB rolromc MEASUREMENT SOLUTIONS

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HygroMet MP102H / 402H - 2

SPECIFY THE BEST: HYGROMET MP102H/402H ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE. Relative humidity and temperature measurement with interchangeable HygroClip HC2-S3 • Can be interchanged in a few seconds without the need for readjustment • Range of application: 0...100 %rh / –50...100 °C (HC2-S3) • Accuracy at 23 °C: ± 0.8 %rh / ± 0.1 K • Utilizes the new V-1 sensor and improved filter technology for faster response and protection against the growth of biofilm. Current and voltage output signal Meteorological probe with integrated electronics for two active outputs (current or voltage)and equipped with a...

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HygroMet MP102H / 402H - 3

APPLICATIONS. ROTRONIC meteorology probes are robust high quality products developed for demanding applications and a long lifetime. Successful applications include weather stations, snow making, road, bridge and airport runway condition monitoring, snow- and ice warning systems, research in the outdoors, rooftop monitoring for HVAC and building automation systems. MODEL TYPE/DIMENSIONS. MP102H/402H with HC2-S3 probe and optional Pt 100 Mechanical design and dimensions of both series are identical. MP102H: Meteorology transmitter with voltage output (0…1 VDC, 0…5 VDC or 0…10 VDC) MP402H:...

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HygroMet MP102H / 402H - 4

Interested in further information (special applications, order codes)? A complete and up-to-date overview of our HygroMet MP102H/MP402H series is available on our web site We would also be happy to advise you on the phone. Change over now to the HygroClip2 probes with integrated AirChip3000 technology for your temperature and humidity measurements. You can find detailed information about our probes at We would also be happy to advise you in person or on the phone. measurement solutions 59022E/2012-05 ROTRONIC AG, Grindelstrasse 6, CH - 8303...

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