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HygroGen2 Humidity Generator


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HygroGen2 Humidity Generator - 1

REFERENCE GENERATOR FOR CALIBRATION OF HUMIDITY AND TEMPERATURE INSTRUMENTS BASED ON AIRCHIP DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY TRANSPORTABLE HUMIDITY AND TEMPERATURE CALIBRATION LABORATORY • Generates stable humidity and temperature conditions • Calibration solution for the laboratory and on-site • Humidity equilibrium typically in 5 minutes • Calibrate up to 6 probes simultaneously • «AutoCal» automated calibration (optional) • Integrated touch screen PC with 9 USB ports • Integrated FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant Rotronic HW4 software

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HygroGen2 Humidity Generator - 2

HYGROGEN2: THE BENCHMARK FOR HUMIDITY CALIBRATION Since its launch, HygroGen has dened the standard for portable humidity and temperature calibration systems. Hundreds of users worldwide have identied that this tool for rapid generation of stable temperature and humidity conditions can save signicant amounts of time in performing calibrations of all types of humidity instruments. The HygroGen2 further satises the stringent demands of quality and compliance regulations with its ability to calibrate instruments over their full working range, and is embraced throughout the pharmaceutical...

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HygroGen2 Humidity Generator - 3

AutoCal+ / Dew Point Mirror MBW 473 New HygroGen2 software version 2.1 further extends the utility of the instrument, with the ability to use MBW chilled mirror hygrometers as the AutoCal calibration reference. Rotronic has worked with MBW - the world’s leading chilled mirror manufacturer - to integrate their products with the HygroGen2. Particularly well suited is the MBW 473 Dew Point Mirror, whose RP2 measuring head is designed to be directly inserted into the working volume of the HygroGen2, and works across its full range (Not part of the setup. To be purchased separately). Remote...

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HygroGen2 Humidity Generator - 4

GET EVEN MORE OUT OF YOUR HYGROGEN2 WITH THE LATEST ENHANCED FEATURES For 10 years Rotronic has led the temperature and humidity calibration market with its HygroGen series of instruments. Continuous development and improvement led to the introduction of the HygroGen2 in 2009, the agship instrument which is universally acknowledged to be the world’s leading portable temperature and humidity calibrator. Its speed to set point changes, stability and minimal temperature gradients set it apart as by far and away the leader in its class. Range Extensions and AutoCal In the last 2 years, both the...

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HygroGen2 Humidity Generator - 5

GET EVEN MORE OUT OF YOUR HYGROGEN2 WITH THE LATEST ENHANCED FEATURES Version 2.1 further enhances the user experience with the ability to connect the HygroGen2 to your network LAN and operate it from remote locations, including - with appropriate WIFI networking - using mobile devices. Using open standard VNC protocol, multiple HygroGen2s can be controlled and monitored from a single PC as long as network access is permitted. The remote control of HygroGen2 is possible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. In order to offer further support for the HygroGen2 unit, the remote control funtion...

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HygroGen2 Humidity Generator - 6

TECHNICAL INFORMATION HygroGen2 Specication Relative Humidity Control Sensor Type Range Stability at equilibrium Chamber temperature gradients Generation method HygroClip2-S, capacitive RH sensor, Pt100 temperature sensor Embedded multiple input PID controller, touch screen graphical user interface 5…95 %RH (2...99 %RH with range extension option) 0…60 °C (-5...60 °C with range extension option) <0.1 %RH <0.02 °C <0.05 °C (15…50 °C), <0.1 °C (5…60 °C), ±0.15 °C at 0 °C Mixed ow with desiccant dryer cell and piezoelectric Peltier thermoelectric element with radial chamber humidier mixing fan...

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