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HygroFlex8 Transmitter - 1

THE UNIVERSAL INDUSTRIAL TRANSMITTER. BASED ON THE AIRCHIP3000 DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY. INNOVATION IN HUMIDITY AND TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT • Outstanding long-term stability and chemical resistance Widest temperature measuring range at -100…200 ˚C Two Interchangeable HygroClip digital or analog probe inputs 10,000 point data logging with time stamp and battery back-up Up to 4 programmable analog outputs available Digital output options Multiple alarm relays Audible and visual alarms Galvanically isolated power supply

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HygroFlex8 Transmitter - 2

SPECIFY THE BEST: HYGROFLEX8 ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE. Problem-free, accurate humidity measurement results from the most stable sensor in the industry combined with our unique HygroClip® digital probe technology, designed to practically eliminate any maintenance downtime. When it is time for a scheduled calibration ‘hot swap’ in seconds with a calibrated probe without loss of measurement accuracy. HygroFlex8 transmitters provide superb precision and state-of-the-art functionality, taking humidity and temperature measurement to a whole new level of performance and reliability (0.8 %rh and...

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HygroFlex8 Transmitter - 3

APPLICATIONS. The HygroFlex8-series is ideal for all applications where exact measurement of humidity and temperature is of decisive importance, for example the food and pharmaceutical industries, printing and paper industries, meteorology, agricultural sector, archaeology and climatology. There is hardly a field today in which these parameters may be ignored. It is ultimately the measuring task at hand that defines the combination of transmitter and probe that best covers your needs. PROBES FOR HYGROFLEX TRANSMITTERS. Whether you need a more sophisticated industrial probe to measure in a...

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HygroFlex8 Transmitter - 4

TECHNICAL INFORMATION. Sensor Diagnostics. The intelligence of AirChip3000 technology enables advanced sensor diagnostics. Should the sensors deviate from factory defined parameters, the measured values are compensated electronically. You can select whether the values are to be compensated and whether an alarm is to be given. In addition up to 2,000 measurement values can be stored in the HygroClip2 probe; the user is able to configure the measurement interval, scale the output signal and download data using optional ROTRONIC HW4 software. The HygroFlex8 transmitter can be programmed with...

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