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HygroFlex7 Transmitter - 1

THE HEAVY DUTY TRANSMITTER INTRODUCING AIRCHIP DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION IN HUMIDITY AND TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT • Relative humidity, temperature measurement and dew point calculation Outstanding accuracy and repeatability Hygromer® IN-1 Humidity Sensor Freely selectable and scalable analog outputs

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HygroFlex7 Transmitter - 2

SPECIFY THE BEST: HYGROFLEX7 ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE. The new HygroFlex7-series are equipped with sturdy metal housings and stainless steel probes for harsh industrial conditions. Based on AirChip3000 technology, this indicator achieves a degree of accuracy not seen before. Every transmitter can be used as a simulator with fixed values. This is a major advantage in system configuration and validation. The HygroFlex7 transmitter offers, depending on the model, an application range of -100...200 °C. Thanks to its re protection classication, the instrument is perfectly suited for industrial...

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HygroFlex7 Transmitter - 3

APPLICATIONS The HygroFlex7 transmitters are ideal in harsh industrial environments. Whether in industrial applications, building management systems, underground railways, tunnelling etc. there is hardly a eld today in which exact measurement of humidity, temperature and dew/frost point may be ignored. It is ultimately the measuring task at hand that denes the instrument that best meets your needs. Building management system, Undergroud railways and tunnelling Industrial processes in harsh environments, building management systems Industrial processes in harsh environments, air delivery and...

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TECHNICAL INFORMATION Probe Output Signal. When connected to a PC the HygroFlex7-series probes can be rescaled with different ranges to suit the application. It is also possible to assign the internally calculated dew or frost point value to one of these outputs. Sensor Diagnostics. The intelligence of AirChip3000 technology enables advanced sensor diagnostics. Should the sensors deviate from factory dened parameters, measurement values can be compensated automatically and a digital alarm triggered. Temperature sensor Long-term stability humidity sensor Start-up time Measurement range...

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