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HygroFlex 6 - 1

THE TRANSMITTER FOR MAINS OR LOW VOLTAGE POWER SUPPLY WITH GALVANIC ISOLATION. BASED ON THE AIRCHIP3000 DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY. INNOVATION IN HUMIDITY AND TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT • Measures relative humidity, temperature and dew/frost point • Highest accuracy: 1.0 %rh and 0.2 °C • Wall, duct and cable versions • Mains or low voltage power supply • Galvanically isolated outputs • Service in

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HygroFlex 6 - 2

HYGROFLEX6 ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE. The new HygroFlex6 series provides the highest specification and a wide range of configurations for industrial applications and a guaranteed system accuracy of 1 %rh and 0.2 K. The HygroFlex6 was specifically designed for specific industrial applications. With the different types of mounting, wall, duct and cable, the HF6 is very versatile. This new instrument not only offers mains or low voltage power supply, but also galvanic isolated outputs. AirChip3000 Digital Technology - The latest generation of ROTRONIC probes and instruments use the AirChip3000...

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HygroFlex 6 - 3

APPLICATIONS. The HygroFlex6-series is ideal for all applications where exact measurement of humidity and temperature is of decisive importance. The transmitters can be used in a variety of fields for heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications, museums, warehouses, libraries, railway stations and for climate control in office buildings. Thanks to the exceptional long term stability of the sensor and auto-diagnostics, the transmitters are both service friendly and reliable, thereby saving you both time and money.

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HygroFlex 6 - 4

Interested in further information (special applications, order codes)? A complete and up-to-date overview of our HygroFlex6-series is available on our web site Change over now to the HygroClip2 probes with integrated AirChip3000 technology for your temperature and humidity measurements. You can find detailed information about our probes at We would also be happy to advise you in person or on the phone. measurement solutions 59006E/2012-05 ROTRONIC AG, Grindelstrasse 6, CH - 8303 Bassersdorf, Tel. +41 44 838 11 11, Fax +41 44 836 44 24,

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