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HC2A - 1

Advantages • Measures relative humidity and temperature • Outstanding accuracy, repeatability and long-term stability • Advanced probe housing and construction • Available with interchangeable sensor • Hot swappable Applications • Pharmaceutical industry • Meteorology • Food industry • Building services equipment • Paper and textile Sensor HYGROMER HT-1 • High accuracy and repeatability (Up to ±0.5% RH) • Excellent Long-term stability (< 1% RH per year) Smart Electronic • Based on the Rotronic's AirChip3000 • Calculates the dew / frost point • Alarm generation • Saves adjustment data so that probes can be interchanged without re-adjusting • Hot-swappable Flexibility and Compatibility • User scalable analog analog ouput signals (2x 0...1V)1 • Digital interface via UART2 • Rapidly interfaced with HygroClip2 devices from Rotronic or in OEM3 applications 1 HW4 software andservice cable AC3001 are required 2 Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter 3 Original Equipment manufacturer _rolronic MEASUREMENT SOLUTIONS

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HC2A - 2

Standard: HC2A-S + SPA-PCB-PE with filter (Polyethylene, white) 4The housing is full white to avoid any heating from sun radiation. 5 Especially suitable for environments with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Please refer the HYGROMER HH-1 datasheet for more information. rolronic

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HC2A - 3

It is possible to extend the distance between the probe and its reading device with extension cable. • Passive connection are possible up to 5m (see table below for possible options) • An amplifier cable (AC3003) allows connections up to 100m Reading device HP Series >■ HF5 Series HF8 Series HL-NT 59055E/2019-07 Subject to technical change without notice. Printing and other errors reserved. rolronic

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HC2A - 4

Humidity Window Temperature Window

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