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Clean Room Panel - CRP5


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Clean Room Panel - CRP5 - 1

MEASUREMENT SOLUTIONS CLEAN ROOM PANEL -CRP5 RELIABLE MEASUREMENTS • Measures differential pressure, humidity and temperature • Designed specifically for clean rooms • Removable humidity and temperature probes for simpler adjust- • Digital communication via Ethernet RJ45 and/or MODBUS TCP/RTU • Analog input and output signals freely configurable • Glass front panel highly resistant to chemicals • Optical operating elements for operation with protective gloves MEASUREMENT SOLUTIONS

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Clean Room Panel - CRP5 - 2

CLEAN ROOM PANEL - CRP5 TAKE A CLOSE LOOK: THE MAIN ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE. The Clean Room Panel, which is tted with a diaphragm sensor for differential-pressure measurement, is a top-quality device. Validated according to GMP directives, and with its well thought-out design, the CRP5 is optimized for applications in laboratories and clean rooms. Optical buttons, and the magnet-mounted, removable HC2-CRP humidity and temperature probe permit efcient and effective cleaning. Up to 6 measurement values and messages can be displayed via its graphical color display. The colors of the display can...

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Clean Room Panel - CRP5 - 3

CLEAN ROOM PANEL - CRP5 THE APPLICATIONS The CRP5 clean-room panel is the obvious choice wherever a high degree of cleanliness is vital, in addition to precise measurement of differential pressure, humidity, and temperature. The CRP5 is used particularly in clean-rooms in hospitals, in the pharmaceutical, electronics, and foodstuffs industries, and wherever small variances in pressure are monitored. The very comprehensive functional capabilities of the CRP5 provide solutions for many measurement and control tasks. THE PROBES FOR THE CRP5. The HygroClip2 is available in various versions....

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Clean Room Panel - CRP5 - 4

CLEAN ROOM PANEL - CRP5 TECHNICAL INFORMATION Clean-room probe HC2-CRP Range of application Precision @ 23 °C ±3 K Power supply Current consumption Long-term stability Sensor Filtertype Response time Connection Housing material PEEK Weight / Protection type -5...60 °C / 0...100 %RH ±1.5 %RH / ±0.2 K 3.3...5 VDC 3.5 mA <1 %RH / year HYGROMER® WA-1 Teon, 5 µm 49 s Spring contacts gold plated Stainless steel 1.4301 / 155 g / IP65 Holder HC2-CRP HOLDER Range of application Connection Housing material Protection type -5...60 °C / 0...100 %RH Gold contacts / PicoBlade PEEK IP65 Accessories...

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Clean Room Panel - CRP5 - 5

CLEAN ROOM PANEL - CRP5 51 With front-mounted probe HC2-CRP With HygroClip2 connection on back 1. VCC 2. GND 3. Rx 4. Tx Coding Guide pin (coding-side)

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Clean Room Panel - CRP5 - 6

CLEAN ROOM PANEL - CRP5 TECHNICAL DATA. General Differential pressure, temperature, relative humidity, digital and analog inputs Housing material Front: Glass Back: Stainless Steel Front: IP65 (also with sensors removed) Back: IP20 Mounting position Wall Mounting Menu Navigation Electrical connections Screw terminals on back Power supply Current Consumption Range of application / Storage conditions Firmware update Service interface Fire protection class 1,700 g (with humidity sensor) 1,550 g (without humidity sensor) Differential Pressure Measurement Diaphragm sensor Measurement ranges Zero...

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