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Temperature Transmitters Hart Universal Temperature Transmitter TR310Key Characteristics Compatibility For more information about our Temperature Assemblies, please click here. Product Description The TR310 is a HART 5,6,or 7 compatible universal transmitter. It accepts RTD, Thermocouple, Potentiometer or millivolt input signals and converts them to the industry standard (4 to 20) mA transmission signal. Alternatively HART multidrop mode can be selected. The TR310 is programmed using a simple USB lead and uses our free configuration software download from our web site. Standard features can also be programmed using HART communication. Enhanced Features Sensor referencing The TR310 sensor referencing via the Windows based USBSpeedlink software allows for close matching to a known reference sensor eliminating possible sensor errors. User calibration In addition to sensor referencing, user offset and current output trimming is possible via the USB and HART commands. Custom linearisation The TR310 to be programmed with a custom linearisation to suit nonstandard sensors or sensors with unusual or unique characteristics. Consult the sales office for details. Sensor burn out detection If a sensor wire is broken or becomes disconnected the TR310 output will automatically go to its user defined level (upscale or downscale) or pre-set value. Output current preset For ease of system calibration and commissioning the output can be set to a pre-defined level anywhere within the (4 to 20) mA range. Hart® Registered trademark of the HART Communication Foundation. Rototherm Group Excellence the World can Measuretm Kenfig Industrial Estate, Margam, Port Talbot, SA13 2PW United Kingdom T: +44 (0) 1656 740 551 E: rototherm@rototherm.co.uk W: www.rotothermgroup.com

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Temperature Transmitters Data Sheet: TR310-001/17 Resistance (10 to 10000) Q, Excitation 200 uA, Lead resistance (0 to 20) Q (2,3 or 4 Wire connection) Slide Wire (0 to 100) % Travel, Wire resistance (1 to 100) KQ mV (-205 to 205) mV DC (-1000 to 1000) mV DC (10 to 500) Q ± 0.055 Q, (500 to 2500)Q ± 0.5 Q, (2500 to 10500) Q ±0.15% of reading (+ Lead error on 2 wire) Sensor input RTD (Single / 2 wire Dual Channel) Thermocouple (Single/Dual Channel) - Isolated tip only for dual channel - - Isolated tip only for dual channel - Type Range Stability / Accuracy Type Range Stability / Accuracy...

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Temperature Transmitters Data Sheet: TR310-001/17 Thermistor 10K Beta 3380 (-40 to 85) °C ±0.2 °C ±0.05 °C/°C (mA Out/ 2000) or 5 uA Two wire current (4 to 20) mA whichever is the greater, Drift 1 uA/°C User set Min Current (3.5 to 4.0) mA 3.8 mA default User set Max Current (20 to 23.0) mA , 20.5 mA default User set error current (3.5 to 23.0) mA User Preset current (20 to 23.0) mA For Diagnostics Loop Supply (10 to 30) V DC SELV Protection Reverse and over voltage USB user interface Type / options / functions USB 2.0 Baud Rate Sensor Configuration USB powers device for config Only. Power...

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Temperature Transmitters Data Sheet: TR310-001/17 Damping User set PV damping 1 to 32 seconds to reach 70% final value. USB user interface Type / options / functions Description Notes Read/write Tag Number Read/write Tag Date Set Polling Address Hart Information Read/Write Description Read/Write Message TR310 Read/Write Final Assy Number Read/Write Long Tag Read and set RTC Read Hart Version Description Type Hart Protocol 1200 baud FSK Version Hart 5 to 7 Compatible Universal Commands Read Manufacturers ID Read Short ID Read Hart Revision Read Device revision Read Software revision Read...

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Temperature Transmitters Data Sheet: TR310-001/17 Temperature Transmitters Data Sheet: TR310-001/17 Type / options / functions Live Data Description Notes Read (PV, mA, Ambient °C, Error & Power off) Up to 150 points logs points back from device Set the log period Log Rate (1 to 60) readings per hour Clear Log and start new log Export log data Detect open circuit sensor wire Cal date, certificate number, calibrated by Read Sensor signal Read profiler input signal Read profiler output signal Read Ambient temperature Read % output Read mA output General AmbientFunction Description Function...

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