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SMART Solutions for Tank Monitoring | L e v e l | Te m p e r a t u r e | P r e s s u r e |

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Contents Knowledge & Expertise Other SMARTSolutions: Temperature & Pressure

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Knowledge & Expertise “With a heritage dating back to the 1840s, Rototherm Group is today a strong and dedicated partner providing world class process instrumentation solutions and services to a range of industries.” The Rototherm Group provides Level, Temperature, Pressure, Density and Flow Instrumentation and Services throughout the world to a diverse range of markets. One of those markets is LPG. Rototherm has grown its reputation in this market by providing customer dedicated solutions. With more than 30 years of LPG experience our sales and engineering team provide our customers with...

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Rototherm & the LPG Industry Every industry places very specific demands and requirements on the measurement technology it utilises. Rototherm has been providing instrumentation to the LPG industry for over 30 years. As we continue to expand our products, we make sure to deliver our customers world class instrumentation as well as the best customer service to support our products. The LPG industry’s critical safety requirements mean quality, reliability and approvals are principle requirements for any products applied in this environment. Rototherm’s history within the petrochemical sector...

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SMARTReader “Does your tank have a Rochester R3D gauge? Connect it to our SMARTReader to access your data remotely.” SMARTReader offers customers a competitive edge by providing costeffective remote fuel level monitoring. Fuel level information is essential to effectively manage inventory, improve delivery efficiency and ensure there is enough fuel for continuous generator operation during power outages. The device is powered from a dual supply to ensure it never goes offline. The SMARTReader reads an analogue voltage from the Rochester R3D remote ready dial and Hall Effect module and...

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The SMARTReader allows customers to have an economical solution that is based off the R3D dial on the tank. SMARTReader has some unique features, such as dual voltage inputs made specifically for generator applications. Cellular data telemetry allows SMARTReader to be an economical remote tank monitor for different applications. Non-Invasive Level Sensor for R3D gauges SMARTReader • Suitable for tanks > 250 gallons • Dual supply voltage inputs • Integrated GPS module • 3G or 4G • Compilable multiple R3D gauges • Connects to our SMARTData Portal • Simple to install

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SMARTSolutions for all your remote monitoring needs “Can your tank alert you if the pressure or temperature is too high? With SMARTSolutions, you take tank monitoring to the next level.” Tank monitoring is much more than just measuring liquid level. There are many other parameters that are important to measure in order to obtain all the data required for remote tank monitoring. At Rototherm, we are making this possible with our SMARTSolutions, which provide a complete SMART tank monitoring experience mainly focused on the LPG industry. Temperature Telemetry

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Our SMARTSolutions are available for all types of tanks:

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We know that options are good to have. Our goal is to allow our customers the ability to configure their SMART Tank Monitoring System according to their needs. Configure your own SMARTSolutions with our matrix below: Power 12/24 Vdc Solar Panel Display Local Display PLC / Scada SMARTData Portal Communications Mobile/Cellular Data Monitoring Plan Real Time Scheduled

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“Our unique non-invasive ultrasonic technology has been developed and built upon over the last 30 years, and is proven throughout the world across a vast number of installations." Rototherm offers truly non-invasive level measurement, meaning it can be installed and commissioned without the need to take the tank out of service. Our SMARTLevel provides real time liquid level measurements and are rated ATEX/IECEx ensuring the highest safety standards in the industry. With a new generation of customer demand for higher accuracy and low maintenance products, our SMARTLevel is ideally suited to...

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Level Measurement Our non-invasive ultrasonic sensors are easily bonded to the outside of the tank and require no down-time, no tank flaring or annual maintenance. Our systems are easy to install, reliable and provide accurate liquid level measurements (+/-1%) for years. Non-Invasive Level Sensor SMARTLevel ST1AD (Horizontal tanks/Transport) or ST1A (Bobtails) • Suitable for tanks up to 4m diameter • RS485 Modbus interface • Integrated temperature sensor • 4..20mA & 0..5V output • Displays contents in 100% volume • Local Display • ATEX & lECEx Approved Non-Invasive Level Sensor for up to 2...

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Other SMARTSolutionsTemperature & Pressure “Thanks to Rototherm SMARTSolutions, you can now obtain all the important data to monitor your tank remotely." Talk to the experts... With over 170 years of experience in process measurement, we understand that a small change in measurement accuracy can have a big impact on profitability. That’s why Rototherm Group is committed to helping our customers measure and control efficiently and accurately. Our Pressure and Temperature products, can also be used in the following industries and applications: • LPG • Oil & Gas • Food & Beverage • Heat...

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Other SMARTSolutions Temperature & Pressure Measurement The Series 800 SMARTStat is a microprocessor controlled switch, transmitter and indicator, which enables several instruments to be replaced with a single device producing cost savings due to reduced equipment costs, documentation, installation, calibration and ongoing maintenance. Temperature Electronic Switch & Transmitter SMARTTemperature (SMARTStat Temperature Series 800) • Temperature Range: -40°C to 400°C • Direct and remote mounting with conduit • Wide range of bulb and capillary lengths • 24Vdc 4- 20mA loop powered • High...

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