HVAC Solutions for Damper and Valve Actuation - 2 Pages

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HVAC Solutions for Damper and Valve Actuation

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HVAC Linecard Actuation Air-dampers and quarter-turn valves Electric quarter-turn explosion proof actuators for air, fire and smoke damper automation ExMax, RedMax, InMax Torque range 5 up to 150 Nm (44 up to 1,300 lbf-in) Linear valves Electric linear explosion proof actuators for automation of all kind of linear valves ExMax… + LIN, ExRun, RedRun, InRun • Hazardous locations zone 1, 2, 21, 22/Div 1, 2 (InMax +LIN /InRun for safe areas) • Universal power supply • Marine /offshore painted solutions • Easy installation Damper for tunnels and quarter-turn valves Electric quarter-turn actuators for tunnel damper automation in safe areas InMax-L…-F, InMax-L…-S, InMax-L…-SF Torque range 150 up to 500 Nm (1,300 up to 4,400 lbf-in) Compact design Integral anti condensation heater Spring return time ~10 s /90° Double acting fail safe (spring return, by models …-F, …-SF) Robust and efficient power supply (using toroidal transformer) Air-dampers and quarter-turn valves Electric actuator for all quarter-turn valve applications requiring control and flexibility Intelligent communication options with multilingual display Isolating/regulating Non-intrusive set-up Digital, analogue or Bus remote control Self locking output Components from single source, compact Fast operating opening and closing Spring return Easy installation Stainless steel and aluminium No pipework Low temperature solutions High performance, continuous unrestricted modulating duty – S9 (CVA) Non-intrusive setup/calibration using Bluetooth® wireless technology (CVA) Comprehensive datalogging (CVA) Precise control and continuous modulation (CMA) Easy set-up via 6-segment LCD display and pushbutton configuration (CMA) Options: Local controls and fail-to-position Rotork Power Pack (CMA) Small, compact and lightweight Efficient yet simple gearing On - Off Single-phase, three-phase and DC versions Air, fire and smoke dampers, quarter-turn valves, for critical environments in hazardous locations or industrial areas Compact quarter-turn pneumatic actuator for emergency shut off and fire dampers Configured actuator, solenoid and limit switch box Torque range 5 up to 150 Nm (44 up to 1,300 lbf-in) With spring return Operating time less than 1 sec. CVL-500/1000/1500/5000 Linear: Thrust range 890 up to 22,241 N CVQ-1200/2400 Control valve and compact (200 up to 5,000 lbf) Process control valve modulating actuators, CML-100/250/750/1500/3000 Rotary: Torque range 54 up to 271 Nm and pump linear, quarter-turn and CMQ-250/500/1000 applications (480 up to 2,400 lbf-in) rotary CMR-50/100/200/89/125/250 ¼-turn: Torque range 124 Nm (1,100 lbf-in) 50/100/200/89/125/250 ROM / ROMpak Small ball valves and butterfly valves, air-dampers and ventilation louvres Quarter-turn direct drive actuators Torque range 8 up to 800 Nm (70 up to 7000 lbf-in) Hazardous locations zone 1, 2, 21, 22/Div 1, 2 (InMax for safe areas) Fast operating speeds (~1 sec.) Universal power supply Stai

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