Electric and Pneumatic HVAC Solutions for Damper and Valve Actuation - 2 Pages

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Electric and Pneumatic HVAC Solutions for Damper and Valve Actuation

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Typical HVAC Applications – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Control Air Damper Fire Damper Ordinary Location Hazardous Location ELEC TRIC Redefining HVAC Electric Solutions Series ExMax Range Quarter-turn Air-dampers and explosionproof actuators Quarter-turn for air, fire and smoke Valves dampers automation Torque Range 5 up to 150 Nm (45 up to 1.350 lbf-in) • Hazardous locations zone 1, 2, 21, 22/Div 1, 2 (InMax +LIN /InRun for safe areas) • Universal power supply • Marine/offshore painted solutions • Easy installation Intelligent communication options with multilingual display Isolating/regulating Non-intrusive set-up Digital, analogue or Bus Remote Control Self locking output Linear: Thrust range 890 up to 22.241 N (200 up to 5.000 lbf) Rotary: Torque range 54 up to 271 Nm CML-100/250/750 (480 up to 2.400 lbf-in) CMQ-250/500/1000 CMR-50/100/200/89/125/250 ¼-turn: up to 113 Nm (1.000 lbf-in) rated torque and 124 N (1.100 lbf-in) 50/100/200/89/125/250 High performance, continuous unrestricted modulating duty – S9 (CVA) Non-intrusive setup/calibration using Bluetooth® wireless technology (CVA) Comprehensive datalogging (CVA) Precise control and continuous modulation (CMA) Easy set-up via 6-segment LCD display and pushbutton configuration (CMA) Options: Local controls and fail-to-position Rotork Power Pack (CMA) Small, compact and lightweight Efficient yet simple gearing On - Off Single-phase, three-phase and DC versions ExMax, RedMax, InMax ExMax+LIN & ExRun Series Linear Valves Linear explosionproof actuators for automation of all kind of linear valves ExMax..+LIN, ExRun/RedRun/InRun Air-dampers and Quarter-turn Valves Electric actuator for all quarter-turn valve applications requiring control and flexibility Process control valve and pump applications Control valve and compact modulating actuators, linear, quarter-turn and rotary Small ball valves and butterfly valves, as well as air-dampers and ventilation louvres Quarter-turn direct drive actuators ROM/ROMpak Range Torque range 35 up to 650 Nm (25 up to 480 lbf-in) Hazardous locations zone 1, 2, 21, 22/Div 1, 2 (InMax for safe areas) Fast operating speeds (1 sec.) Universal power supply Stainless steel and marine/offshore painted solutions Easy installation Manual Solutions Series Rotork Gears Air-dampers and Valves Quarter-turn worm gearboxes Redefining Flow Control Models 300 Range 232 Range 242 Range FB Range Performance 300 Range: Stainless steel; Torque up to 1.000 Nm (738 lbf-in) 232 Range: Cast aluminum; Torque up to 1.500 Nm (1.106 lbf-in) 242 Range: Cast iron;  Torque up to 2.100 Nm (1.858 lbf-in) Key Features • Robust, light weight and cost-competitive quarter-turn gearboxes • Solutions for gearboxes, valve adaption and accessories • Suitable for HVAC, fire protection and general industrial applications continued over...

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Pneumatic Solutions Series Small rack and pinion pneumatic actuators Small scotch yoke actuator Single- and double-acting pneumatic piston actuators Standard 90°, 120°, 180° and 240° upon application 90° position from −5° to +5° 2 to 10 bar air supply Torque output up to 4.400 Nm (38.700 lbf-in) Single- and double-acting pneumatic piston actuators Scotch yoke actuators Optional elctro/hydraulic versions Optional manual override Vane actuators K-TORK - series Torque outputs up to 18.300 Nm (155.000 lbf-in) • Double-acting and spring-return configurations • Provides high torque output in a...

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