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A series catalog - 5

Features, benefits and range Product Overview Accessories and non-standard designs Technical formulae

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A series catalog - 6

Rossi for You Innovation Rossi offers a wide range of solutions for an evolving industry, flexible and innovative gearboxes and gearmotors for customer tailored solutions to maximize performance and minimize the total cost of ownership. High quality, 3 years warranty Our drive is to innovate and boost operations by manufacturing performing, precise, reliable and high-quality products all over the world. We are always one step forward in offering and developing solutions that can satisfy an unlimited number of application needs, even in the most demanding conditions. Reliability We are a...

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A series catalog - 8

Global presence local service Local support Sales, customer service, technical support, spare parts Worldwide distribution network* United States A widespread sales network of subsidiaries and dealers in nearly all industrialized countries. By your side from the design to after-sale phase, Rossi is a flexible and dependable partner throughout the world. Rossi for You, our customer web portal, provides a 24/7 global coordination of the ordering, supply and service processes. All contacts available on

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A series catalog - 9

Assembly plants United Kingdom Coventry Netherlands Panningen Germany Dreieich Kaohsiung City Poland Wroclaw Turkey Izmir Saint Priest South Africa La Mercy Kuala Lumpur

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A series catalog - 10

Features, benefits and range

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A series catalog - 11

Maximum performance Suitable for wide variety of applications Gear accuracy rating High performance thanks to maximum Modular product for customized gear accuracy rating Minimum maintenance, high efficiency Rossi for You, the digital platform Our experience at your service always available

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A series catalog - 12

Worm gear reducers with worm gear pair with 1 cylindrical gear pair plus worm with worm gear pair with 1 cylindrical gear pair plus worm with 2 cylindrical gear pairs plus worm Combined gear reducer and gearmotors units

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A series catalog - 13

Gear reducers and gearmotors (worm wheel) 32 ... 50 Gear reducers (worm) Gearmotors (worm) ** Size : double row angular contact ball bearing plus ball bearing. ** For: MR V 32, 40 with motor size 63 (11×140 ) and 71 (14×160) (see ch. 2b), MR V 50 with motor size 71 (14×160) and 80 (19×200) (see ch. 2b), MR V 63 ... 81 with motor size 80 (19×200) and 90 (24×200) (see c. 2b), motor flange is usually integral with housing.

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A series catalog - 14

Features, benefits and range Universal mounting having feet integral with housing on 3 faces (sizes 32 .. 81) or on 2 faces (sizes 100 ... 250) and B14 flange on 2 faces. Design and strength of the casing permit interesting shaft mounting solutions Thickened size and performance gradation (some sequential sizes are obtained with the same housing and many components in common) High, reliable and tested performances (Ni bronze); optimization of worm gear pair performances (ZI involute profile and adequately conjugate worm wheel profile) Compactness, standardized dimensions and compliance with...

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A series catalog - 15

Features, benefits and range a - Gear reducer Structural features Main specifications are: – niversal mounting having feet integral with housing (lower, upper feet and vertical on the face opposite to motor for sizes 32 u ... 81; lower and upper feet for sizes 100 ... 250) and B14 flange (integral with housing for sizes 32 ... 50) on 2 faces of hollow low speed shaft output. B5 flange with spigot «recess» which can be mounted onto B14 flanges (see chap. 5). Design and strength of the housing permit interesting shaft mounting solutions; concerning n1 = 1 400 min-1 and transmission ratio...

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A series catalog - 16

Features, benefits and range Train of gears: – orm gear pair; 1 cylindrical gear pair plus worm; with 2 cylindrical gear pairs plus worm gear pair (gearmotor only); w – orm gear pairs, with whole-number transmission ratios (i = 10 ... 63) identical for the different sizes; i = 7 for MR V 32 ... 81; w – 0 sizes having 4 sizes pairs (standard and strengthened) with final reduction center distance to R 10 series (32 ... 250) for a total of 14 sizes; 1 – ominal transmission ratios to R 10 series (10 ... 315; up to 16 000 for combined units); n – asehardened and hardened cylindrical worm in 16...

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A series catalog - 17

Features, benefits and range b - Electric motor Gearmotor dimensions and masses of present catalog (see ch. 3.8 and 3.10) refer to HB and HBZ motors (cat. TX). – motor standardized to IEC; – asynchronous three-phase, totally-enclosed, externally ventilated, with cage rotor; – single polarity, frequency 50 Hz, voltage Δ 230 V Y 400 V (size ≤ 132), Δ 400 V (size ≥ 160); – IP 55 protection, insulation class F, temperature rise class B; – rated power delivered on continuous duty S1 (excluding some cases of motor sizes with power not according to standard; see specific documentation) and...

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A series catalog - 18

Features, benefits and range Short time duty (S2) and intermittent periodic duty (S3); duty cycles S4 ... S10 In case of a duty-requirement type S2 ... S10 the motor power can be increased as per the following table; starting torque keeps unchanged. Short time duty (S2). – Running at constant load for a given period of time less than that necessary to reach normal running temperature, followed by a rest period long enough for motor’s return to ambient temperature. Intermittent periodic duty (S3). – Succession of identical work cycles consisting of a period of running at constant load and a...

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A series catalog - 19

Features, benefits and range Specific standards: – ominal powers and dimensions to CENELEC HD 231 (IEC 72-1, DIN 42677, NF C51-120, BS 5000-10 and BS 4999-141) for mounting n positions IM B5, IM B14 and derivates; – ominal performances and running specifications to CENELEC EN 60034-1 (IEC 34-1, CEI EN 60034-1, DIN VDE 0530-1, NF C51-111, n BS EN 60034-1); – rotection to CENELEC EN 60034-5 (IEC 34-5, CEI 2-16, DIN EN 60034-5, NF C51-115, BS 4999-105); p – ounting positions to CENELEC EN 60034-7 (IEC 34-7, CEI EN 60034-7, DIN IEC 34-7, NF C51-117, BS EN 60034-7); m – alancing and vibration...

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