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H series catalog - 1

Helical and bevel helical gear reducers

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H series catalog - 4

Your worldwide partner for high quality solutions Founded as a family business and still privately owned today First in Italy to adopt a completely modular system for helical and bevel helical gear reducers; first in Italy to adopt a case hardened, tempered, ground gear pairs on helical and bevel helical gear reducers Worm gear reducers and gearmotors with universal mounting, single-piece housing and ZI involute profile; Extension of the direct sales organization abroad with the addition of German, English, French and Spanish subsidiaries. Helical and bevel helical gear reducers and...

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H series catalog - 5

WHERE WE’RE LOCATED Close to you, with facilities on six continents and each with a direct sales system to provide excellent service. Visit our website to find your nearest facility. We are where you need us to be. Subsidiaries Distributors / Dealers What we believe in Choosing the drive with the right technical specifications is vital for reliability and economy. We believe in integrity, ethical behavior, experience, creativity, innovation, good teamwork and above all customer focus: this what we at Rossi believe in. We strive to be a reliable company with the right flexibility and know-how...

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H series catalog - 6

What we do Our wide standard product range and design allows us to provide the customer with the right engineered solution for every application including a 3 year worldwide warranty. Gearmotors Type of gear Worm gearmotors Standardfit worm gearmotors Coaxial gearmotors Standardfit coaxial gearmotors Helical and bevel helical gear reducers Planetary (in-line and bevel helical) gearmotors Gear reducers Type of gear Worm gear reducers Helical and bevel helical gear reducers Heavy duty helical and bevel helical gear reducers Planetary (in-line and bevel helical) gear reducers Shaft mounted...

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H series catalog - 7

Motors Type Asynchronous three-phase high efficiency and premium efficiency motors Standard and high efficiency brake motors Motion control Type Worm, coaxial, helical and bevel helical servo gear reducers Specific industrial segments Type Extruders, Parallel shaft gear reducers and gearmotors Combined units Heavy duty gear reducers on swing bases Slewing drives

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H series catalog - 8

10 sizes with nominal torque from 109 to 450 kN m Increased performance maintaining the same final reduction center distance, when compared with Rossi’s previous catalog H02 Sizes based on uniform incremental steps • Improved ratings for the same required torque and more compact gear reducers compared with previous catalog H02 Gears designed, machined and measured according to high quality requirements (tooth grinding accuracy class р DIN 6, both for cylindrical and bevel gears) Bevel gears machined in closed-loop grinding process with correction of the measured deviations Gear housings made...

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H series catalog - 9

Standard painting to UNI EN ISO 12944-2 (corrosivity class C3) Coating layers (Class C5-M) Special painting cycles up to corrosivity class C5-M • Suitable for applications in aggressive or marine environments • Possibility of international certifications Dual compound zink epoxy paint Dual-compound epoxy primer Water-based polyurethane enamel Final on load inspection on test bench for all gear units manufactured, in order to grant high reliability and quality • Trouble-free commissioning Several non-standard designs for all sizes: Additional intermediate shaft overhung for bevel helical gear...

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H series catalog - 10

Symbols and units of measure Symbols used in the catalog and formulae, in alphabetical order, with relevant units of measure. Symbol Units of measure In the catalog In the formulae Technical System dimensions acceleration diameter frequency service factor thermal factor force radial load axial load acceleration of gravity weight (weight force) dynamic moment normal value 9,81 m/s2 1 pound (lbf) = 4,4482 N n i = n1 2 transmission ratio electric current moment of inertia bearing life mass torque braking torque angular speed power thermal power radius variation ratio distance Celsius...

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H series catalog - 12

1 - General specifications Closer size and performance steps; 5 size pairs (standard and strengthened) with final reduction center distance to R 20 series, for a total of 12 sizes with performance intervals by about 18% Universal mounting: suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting Rigid and precise spheroidal cast iron housing; high oil capacity Gear pairs design especially studied to obtain high resistance, motion regularity, low noise and high efficiency with consequent low heating High, reliable and tested performances Prearranged for backstop device, possibility of double extension low...

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H series catalog - 13

1 - General specifications Train of gears – – – – – – – – 2, 3, 4 cylindrical gear pairs (helical gear units); 1 bevel gear pair plus 1, 2, 3 helical gear pairs (bevel helical type); 5 sizes pairs (normal and strengthened); with final reduction center distance to R 20 series for a total of 12 sizes; nominal transmission ratios to R 20 series for trains of gears 2I (iN = 10 ... 25); 3I (iN = 25 ... 125, excluding iN = 112), CI (iN = 8 ... 20) and C2I (iN = 20 ... 125, excluding iN = 112); to R 10 series for 4I (iN = 125 ... 315) and C3I (iN = 125 ... 315); casehardened and hardened gear pairs...

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H series catalog - 14

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H series catalog - 16

2 - Designation Designation code INPUT SPEED (see page 18) MOUNTING POSITION (see page 17) TRANSMISSION RATIO (see pages 7, 9) DESIGN A standard ... others (see ch. 8, 10) MODEL 1 SHAFT POSITIONS P helical O bevel-helical MOUNTING U universal SIZE 4000 … 8001 TRAIN OF GEARS Helical 2I 2 helical gear pairs 3I 3 helical gear pairs 4I 4 helical gear pairs Bevel-helical CI 1 bevel and 1 helical gear pair C2I 1 bevel and 2 helical gear pairs C3I 1 bevel and 3 helical gear pairs MACHINE R gear reducer

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H series catalog - 17

2 - Designation Gear reducer mounting position Mounting positions of gear reducers and gearmotors are stated at ch. 8, 10. Here following see some designation examples of important mounting positions. 1. Standard mounting position B3; in case of no specific needs, prefer the adoption of B3 mounting positions as it is the most advised from a technical and economic point of view (maximum simplification of lubrication system, lower oil splash, lower gear reducer heating, stock availability). 2. Non-standard mounting positions 2a. Mounting position to catalog (see ch. 8, 10), one only and fixed,...

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