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G series catalog - 1

Helical and bevel helical gear reducers and gearmotors

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G series catalog - 5

Rossi for You Innovation Rossi offers a wide range of solutions for an evolving industry, flexible and innovative gearboxes and gearmotors for customer tailored solutions to maximize performance and minimize the total cost of ownership. High quality, 3 years warranty Our drive is to innovate and boost operations by manufacturing performing, precise, reliable and highquality products all over the world. We are always one step forward in offering and developing solutions that can satisfy an unlimited number of application needs, even in the most demanding conditions. Reliability We are a...

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G series catalog - 8

Maximum performance Modular system We drive the heaviest applications worldwide We care about environment For cost–effective and high quality solutions We are constantly thinking forward, solutions for an evolving industry Rossi for You is always at your disposal for any info We support you through interdisciplinary know-how Customization Cost-effective solutions starting from standard products

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G series catalog - 9

Symbols and units of measure Symbols used in the catalog and formulae, in alphabetical order, with relevant units of measure. Symbol Units of measure In the catalog Technical System dimensions acceleration diameter frequency service factor thermal factor force radial load axial load acceleration of gravity weight (weight force) dynamic moment normal value 9,81 m/s2 1 pound (lbf) = 4,4482 N n i = n1 2 transmission ratio electric current moment of inertia bearing life mass torque braking torque angular speed power thermal power radius variation ratio distance Celsius temperature time voltages...

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G series catalog - 11

1 - General specifications Universal «symmetrical» mounting: suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting Rigid and precise cast iron single-piece housing; high oil capacity Standard hollow low speed shaft, prearranged for installation of backstop device, option of double extension high speed shaft Possibility of fitting particularly powerful motors and capability of withstanding high loads on the shaft end Possibility of obtaining multiple drivers without restrictions on direction of rotation Intermediate sizes 140, 180, 225, 280, 360 – dimensions similar to previous sizes 125, 160, 200,...

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G series catalog - 12

1 - General specifications – gearmotors MR 4I (sizes 63 ... 125), MR C3I (sizes 50 ... 125) with first reduction stage including 2 coaxial cylindrical gear pairs in order to get high transmission ratio, with standardized motor, in an economic and compact way; – improved and upgraded modular construction both for component parts and assembled product; – standardized dimensions and compliance with standards; – gear reducers: input face with machined surface (flange for R 3I 63 ... 125, R ICI) with fixing holes, high speed shaft end with key; – gearmotors MR 3I 40 ... 125, MR 4I, MR ICI and MR...

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G series catalog - 13

1 - General specifications Train of gears – 1, 2, 3, 4 helical gear pairs (helical gear reducers); – 2, 3 helical gear pairs and 1 idle gear («long» model, helical gear reducers); – 1 bevel gear pair plus 1, 2, 3 helical gear pairs (bevel helical gear reducers); – 6 sizes with final reduction center distance to R 10 (40 ... 125, with 2 size pairs: standard and strengthened); 9 sizes with final reduction center distance to R 20 (140 ... 360, with 1 size pair: standard and strengthened), for a total of 18 sizes; – nominal transmission ratios to R 10 (iN = 2,5 ... 160; iN = 80 ... 400 for 4I)...

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G series catalog - 14

1 - General specifications 1.2 - Electric motor Gearmotor dimensions and masses of present catalog (see ch. 12 and 14) refer to motor catalog TX. Main structural features – motor standardized to IEC; – asynchronous three-phase, totally-enclosed, externally ventilated, with cage rotor; – single polarity, frequency 50 Hz, voltage Δ 230 V Y 400 V (size ഛ 132), Δ 400 V (size у 160); – IP 55 protection, insulation class F, temperature rise class B; – rated power delivered on continuous duty S1 (excluding some cases of motor sizes with power not according to standard; see specific documentation)...

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G series catalog - 15

1 - General specifications Short time duty (S2) and intermittent periodic duty (S3); duty cycles S4 ... S10 In case of a duty-requirement type S2 ... S10 the motor power can be increased as per the following table; starting torque keeps unchanged. Short time duty (S2). – Running at constant load for a given period of time less than that necessary to reach normal running temperature, followed by a rest period long enough for motor’s return to ambient temperature. Intermittent periodic duty (S3). – Succession of identical work cycles consisting of a period of running at constant load and a...

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G series catalog - 16

1 - General specifications Electric motor specific standards – nominal powers and dimensions to CENELEC HD 231 (IEC 72-1, CNR-CEI UNEL 13117-71 and 13118-71, DIN 42677, NF C 51- 120, BS 5000-10 and BS 4999-141) for mounting positions IM B5, IM B14 and derivatives; – nominal performances and running specifications to CENELEC EN 60034-1 (IEC 34-1, CEI EN 60034-1, DIN VDE 0530-1, NF C51- 111, BS EN 60034-1); – protection to CENELEC EN 60034-5 (IEC 34-5, CEI 2-16, DIN EN 60034-5, NF C51-115, BS 4999-105); – mounting positions to CENELEC EN 60034-7 (IEC 34-7, CEI EN 60034-7, DIN IEC 34-7, NF...

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G series catalog - 17

360 87 500 - 180 1) For bigger sizes see cat. H. 2) Gear reducers only. 3) Gearmotors only

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G series catalog - 19

2 - Designation Designation code R MOTOR TERMINAL BOX POSITION (ref. page 22) MOTOR DESIGNATION (ref. page 22) INPUT SPEED (ref. page 22) MOUNTING POSITION (ref. page 21) TRANSMISSION RATIO IEC MOTOR COUPLING DIMENSIONS Ød × ØP (ref. ch. 1.2) DESIGN A standard ... others (ref. ch. 8,10, 12, 14) SHAFT POSITION P helical gear units O bevel helical gear units FASTENING U universal final center distance reduction [mm] TRAIN OF GEARS Helical gear pairs: I 1 helical gear pair 2I 2 helical gear pairs 3I 3 helical gear pairs 4I 4 helical gear pairs Bevel helical gear pairs: CI 1 bevel and 1 helical...

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