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1 Experience in motion Being Rossi Rossi and Habasit Rossi key figures History and milestones Global presence, local service Key Strategic Focus 2 Solutions for an evolving industry Industrial sector applications Mining Metal Food & Beverage Sugar Construction Waste & Water Treatment Chemical Plastic & Rubber Industrial Power Generation Marine 3 Made in Rossi, Made in quality Quality certifications Modularity and customized solutions Complete customer care 4 Keep moving towards the future Research & Development Cutting-edge production technology Environment, Health and Safety 5 Together...

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Dedicated area for extra-large housings equipped with boring, milling and 3D control system.

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Being Rossi Our philosophy “Solutions for an evolving industry” fully expresses our corporate philosophy: we are a flexible and dynamic company, able to satisfy all the requirements of a continuously evolving industrial world, thanks to our innovative solutions. “Through state-of-the-art technologies and innovative processes, we develop cutting-edge drive solutions for industrial applications.” We are an Italian company internationally established in the production of gear reducers and gearmotors. In the global marketplace, our customers and partners value our products and services for two...

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Our values At Rossi, we have always understood that one of the roots of our success is represented by a distinctive and shared company culture based on our core values: We seek opportunities to improve, continue to learn, and adapt to changes. Our purpose is to move forward as a company, winning over new markets with quality products. We portray honesty and transparency through our interactions by encouraging clear, and effective decision-making processes. Creative energy We are committed to act with dignity and respect. Wherever our story takes us, our choices and our actions are always...

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Rossi and Habasit Since 2004 we have been a member company of Habasit, the worldwide leader in the belting industry with a global presence in over 70 countries. During decades of market leadership, Habasit has developed a broad range of superior products and services, and a profound knowledge base and experience. Habasit in Numbers founded in Power transmission belts Core Competences Conveyor belts Processing belts

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affiliated companies active customers presence in over Company Profile

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people around the world customers worldwide affiliated companies production facilities assembly plants

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Gear casehardening and grinding Gear case hardened and ground with the most advanced technologies. with the most advanced technologies Company Profile

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1990 First European subsidiaries R&D First on the market to develop new series of gear reducers with a universal mounting system and a single piece housing Surface grinding of all gears is introduced 2010 The group’s brand name is changed from Rossi Motoriduttori to Rossi 2009 Habasit Holding owns 100% Rossi (51% in 2004) R&D New extra-large helical/bevel helical and planetary gear reducers R&D New center for manufacturing extra-large housings Further extension of extra-large helical/bevel helical and planetary gear reducers

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History and milestones 1995 ISO 9001 certification 2005 R&D Development of a new line of industrial use planetary gear units 1997 Acquisition of SEIMEC Italian motors manufacturer 2002 Acquisition of SMEI Italian manufacturer of planetary gear units Development of a new line of electric motors R&D Ready for new challenges: New series of innovative, international, and nnovative, i interchangeable gearmotors Company Profile

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Global presence local service Local support Sales, customer service, technical support, spare parts Worldwide distribution network* A global network of subsidiaries and dealers. From design and execution to after-sales service. Rossi is always close to you: a local, reliable and flexible partner. United States Suwanee, GA Alongside our 24/7 Rossi for You portal you have a suite of digital support tools enabling real time access to your order tracking, invoices, spare part tables download and contact to our service. Brazil All contacts available on

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Main office Affiliated Companies Production facilities/Assembly plants United Kingdom Netherlands Panningen Kaohsiung City Poland Wroclaw Turkey Izmir Spain Barcelona France Saint Priest Australia Perth South Africa Kuala Lumpur Company Profile

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Key Strategic Focus Customer experience Our customer-centred approach generates the benefits of superior products, services and solutions. People People with talent, ideas and energy, who take up the challenge of meeting our customers’ needs, are the key to our success. Process excellence Process excellence drives business excellence. Rossi’s vision is focused on continuous improvement in processes, quality and R&D. Growth We set ambitious goals to deliver what we promise. We understand our customers have a choice, and we have to continuously earn their trust through constant excellence. We...

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Solutions for an evolving industry

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State-of-the-art painting process with anthropomorphic robot.

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Industrial sector applications We design and manufacture gear reducers and gearmotors for all industrial areas applying our experience and unique professionalism and taking the specific requirements of the local markets into account. This has led us to become a power transmission leader in all industrial segments, collaborating with leading companies and OEM. Mining Chemical Sugar Food & Beverage Waste & Water Treatment Plastic & Rubber Metal Marine Construction Power Generation

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Example of mixing plant with G series, bevel helical gearboxes. Company Profile

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Mining We have a strong industrial background in the design, manufacture and commissioning of gear reducers and gearmotors; we are among the world leaders in the supply of these products to the mining and cement industry. Over the years, the excellence that has always distinguished our products has allowed us to establish important partnerships with leading groups in the industry. Experience and know-how have led us to become a reference partner for the high-quality products we supply, in combination with specific turnkey solutions mainly used in heavy-duty industry applications.

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