U100-S Dual Layer Detection System - 4 Pages

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U100-S Dual Layer Detection System

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ROLAND ELECTRONIC Dual Layer Detection System Noncontact dual layer detection system Ultrasonic sensors (transmitter / receiver) Non-metallic materials ranging from 0.1 to 10 mm thickness depending on the material type (paper or polypropylen) Teach-in set-up by key operation or via control input LCD display for visualization of nominal / current values, operational / error message, key allocation Compact aluminum enclosure for machine frame mounting, ► Measuring principle based on ultrasonic When feeding sheets automatically, more than one sheet can be inadvertently fed into the processing machine. This can result in damage of the machine and tools, expensive repairs and production loss. The dual probe Double Sheet Detector U100 has been designed to prevent such events. The manual contains detailed security instructions These devices are NOT suitable for personnel safety applications. Never use these products as sensing devices for personnel protection. Their use as a safety device may create an unsafe condition which could lead to injury or death..

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DUAL LAYER DETECTION SYSTEM U100-S Measurement principle The system functions according to the ultrasonic transmission principle. The sketch below depicts the measurement The transmitter emits ultrasonic waves and the receiver captures the sound waves with full force if no obstructing material is in the sensor gap. One sheet in the sensor gap reduces the received sound wave energy very strongly. Two sheets reduce the sound waves reaching that receiver even further. The attenuation of the receiver signal is displayed, analyzed and issued as a 0 -1 - 2 sheet output signal. Because of some...

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DUAL LAYER DETECTION SYSTEM U100-S Typical materials for dual layer detection applications Technical data

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DUAL LAYER DETECTION SYSTEM U100-S DOUBLE SHEET DETECTOR U100 ORDER INFORMATION Control unit Unit side Cable plug (male) Sensor data Cable socket (female) i_ ROLAND ELECTRONIC GMBH

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