SND40 Weld Seam Detection for tubes and coils - 4 Pages

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SND40  Weld Seam Detection for tubes and coils

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Weld Seam Detection System SND40 Combination of Leaking Flux and Eddy Current for measuring ferrous and non-ferrous materials THE ROLAND PLUS ► Detection of invisible weld seams ► Two technologies in one unit ● Tubes, cans and drums - Material diameter 5 - 500 mm (.197“ – 19.7“) - For positioning applications - Monitoring of drive and control of detection reliability ● Coils, wires and lines - Detection of butt welds and lashes - Detection of changes in structure of material ● High inspection speeds - For tubes max. 300 rpm (depending on diameter) - For coils max. 32 ft/sec ● Sensor signal in recorder-like visualization ● Data backup via USB or Ethernet interface ● Graphical user interface with 10” screen ● Industrial standard interfaces for automation The new Weld Seam Detector SND40 combines digital analysis and Eddy Current technology designed for the special requirements of Weld Seam Detection. The ability to use various sensor types like the tried and proven magnetic Leaking Flux sensors and new Eddy Current sensors / probes make this system a highly flexible Weld Seam Detector. Therefore the SND40 can solve also difficult locating and positioning applications in tube bending machines, hydroforming presses and cut-to length-lines. The PC-based units features a menu dialogue with touchscreen, Fieldbus and Ethernet interface and can be used for tubes and coils of al

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WELD SEAM DETECTION SYSTEM SND40 For processing of coil material and other “long“ products (cables, wires), which become united to larger units (e.g. metal coils with traversal weld seams, cable coils with connectors), automatic detection of weld seams is required. For processing of tubes, cans and drums, automatic detection of weld seams and positioning of the material is required. In combination with the suitable sensor the SND40 can be used for detecting longitudinal weld seams (e.g. at tubes, cans and drums) as well as traversal weld seams (e.g. at coils, cables and lines), for all...

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WELD SEAM DETECTION SYSTEM SND40 Sensors Sensors for tubes, cans and drums Sensor Function principle NS9-EC8×60NT… NS12-EC8×80NT… Leakage flux / Eddy current Ferrous / Non-ferrous tubes Sensors for coils, cables, wires and lines Sensor Function principle for ... NS9-EC8×35NT… Leakage flux / Ferrous / Eddy current Non-ferrous coils EC9-8×35NT… EC…PDN50-500-S EC…IDN50-500-S Eddy current Eddy current encircling coil Non-ferrous coils Cables, wires Material width Material thickness In addition to the most common sensors listed here, more sensors are available. The suitable sensor must be...

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WELD SEAM DETECTION SYSTEM SND40 Fieldbus (optional) Ethernet (Service) Leaking flux Eddy current Connection scheme with 1 sensor Connection scheme with 2 sensors via Sensor-Switch-Box When using combo sensors, the connections are required according to the connecting scheme. When using leakage flux sensors, the respective cables for Eddy current section are not required. When using Eddy current sensors / probes, the respective cables for leakage flux section are not required. Versions of Control Units: Roller block as counter-support ROLAND ELECTRONIC GMBH

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