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Weld Seam Detection System SND8 - NS9SC One sided weld seam detection on ferromagnetic and austenitic materials in coils For tool protection in front of cutting lines, presses, tube mills, and other metal forming machinery with automatic feed of material Filtering and analysis of sensor signal Fail - safe operation Visual display of signal level One constant magnetic field for all sheet thicknesses up to approx. 3 mm (0.12 in) Improved dynamic performance at variable surface speeds

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Application The automatic processing of coils and strips requires the dependable detection of weld seams. This applies to body shops in the automotive industry or the production of welded tubes and similar products. Weld seams that are not detected in the production process may lead to the destruction of dies and machine break down, faulty production and costly repairs. The Weld Seam Detector SND 8 has been specifically developed for such applications. The sensor NS 9 SC was specifically designed for butt welds in coils up to a sheet thickness of approx. 3 mm. Measuring Principle The sensor...

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WELD SEAM DETECTION SYSTEM SND8 - NS9SC WELD SEAM DETECTOR SND 8 ROLAND ELECTRONIC Made in Germany Gerät Nr. Netz Technical data ± 10% 230 / 115 VAC, 50-60 Hz ( 5 X 20 ) 1.25A mtr ca. 50 VA 1 LED 5 - 45o C dry two way contacts 250V max. 8 A AC max. 400W / 2kVA 5 x 107 operations 110 ms, ± 20% The velocity can range between 0.1 to 1000 m/min. 5 - 30V DC = Sensor ON 0 - 2V DC = Sensor OFF maximum current < 10 milliamps 4000g Operating voltage Fuse Power consumption Sensor control Ambient temperature Relay outputs for weld seam and fault Relay switching voltage Relay switching current Relay...

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PRODUCT PROGRAM DOUBLE SHEET CONTROL SYSTEM Simple and complex double sheet monitoring systems can be assembled from a broad product programme: System with two sensors e. g. for transfers Double Sheet Detection System UDK20 PRODUCT PROGRAM SHEET THICKNESS MEASUREMENT SYSTEM From a broad product program suitable sheet thickness measurement and sheet thickness control instrument can be selected. For ferrous and non ferrous materials Non contact or contact measurement Simple units for limit control Sophisticated systems with elaborate documentation satisfying SPC requirements GMBH...

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