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Eagle Eye AA Eddy Current Sensor

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Eddy Current Sensor Eagle Eye AA Universal inductive sensor principle for the detection of layers, butt joints and edges in metallic semi-finished products ► Innovative Sensor Ideas ► Solutions for the mechanical engineering ● Double sheet detection, butt joint detection and wire detection ● For all metals ● Contact free and independent from optical properties ● Applicable for start and stop operation ● Analog output 4…20 mA or 2...10 V ● For connection to the PLC ● Cost effective control unit XA100-S ● Available in different sizes and designed for different fields of applications The manual contains detailed security instructions These devices are NOT suitable for personnel safety applications. Never use these products as sensing devices for personnel protection. Their use as a safety device may create an unsafe condition which could lead to injury or death.

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EDDY CURRENT SENSOR AA With the new eddy current sensor AA-type, Roland Electronic has succeeded to develop an amazing sensor. The sensor, consisting of several coupled bobbins, reminds in the figurative sense the vision of the giant Argus (Eagle) in Greek mythology. If something comes into the inductive „field of view“, then it will not loose the sight of it. When processing sheets, strips and other semi-finished metallic products, such as stacked sheets or individual segments of coil packages, a secure and reliable detection of sheets, of coil segments or butt joints becomes necessary....

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EDDY CURRENT SENSOR AA Technical data AA90x60-453F2S Ferrous material, single sheet thickness: Distance X (Distance variation < +/- 0.5 mm): Stainless steel, aluminum, copper: Time period for the analog signal, full scale: Supply voltage: Supply current: Output voltage: Output voltage load: Output current: Output current load: Temperature range: Sensor weight: Konformität: Sensor signal in dependance on time (or position) and number of sheet layers ● Static Measurement: In this case the sheet is moved at a constant distance X always into the same position t in front of the sensor In this...

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EDDY CURRENT SENSOR AA Active Area Active Area DOUBLE SHEET DETECTOR A100 Order Information Control unit Part name Control unit in Aluminum enclosure Supply voltage 20 ... 28 VDC Part name AA90x60-453F2S AA90x60-902F8S AA90x60-902F8S XA100-S Supply connection Enclosure HAN 3A, EMI-type metrical 7-pin insert on PE Comment Eagle Eye sensor with plug-in connection Eagle Eye sensor with plug-in connection Eagle Eye sensor with plug-in connection Cables Part name Comment Sensor cable for connecting the sensor SCWFM12S-GG to the control unit XA100-S CWFM12S-GG Sensor cable for connecting the...

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