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ROEMHELD PROGRAM SUMMARY Power Workholding Workholding elements Hydraulic cylinders Clamping power units Hydraulic components Pneumatic elements Assembly and Handling Technology Handling technology Press-in devices Drive technology

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Hydraulic elements for positioning and clamping of workpieces Operating pressure: up to 500 bar Bore clamps Clamping elements for clamping in bore holes with/without centring function / with pull-down clamping with/without seat check bore hole diameter: 6.6 … 46 mm max. low-clamping force 0.6 … 24.5 kN Position flexible clamping elements Clamping elements for "floating" clamping for exterior and interior clamping with/without position monitoring max. clamping force: 7.5 kN Clamps / clamping cylinders Clamping elements for clamping in small recesses with/without position monitoring...

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Hydraulic cylinders for linear motions of every type Operating pressure: up to 500 bar Hydraulic cylinders Hydraulic cylinders, design with tube with/without stroke end control piston diameter: 25 … 80 mm stroke: 60 …  200 mm 1 Universal cylinders Hydraulic cylinders with round housing for axial adjustability piston diameter: 10 … 63 mm stroke: 8 …  00 mm 1 Threaded-body cylinders Compact hydraulic cylinders and built-in pistons for screwing in piston diameter: 8 … 50 mm stroke: 4 … 40 mm Block cylinders Hydraulic cylinders with block-type body made of steel, aluminium or bronze...

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Elements for oil supply and control to hydraulic elements Operating pressure: up to 500 bar Rotary couplings Rotary couplings and rotary valve couplings for oil supply to rotating and swivelling installations max. operating pressure: 500 bar Coupling elements Couplings to separate and connect hydraulic, pneumatic and vacuum lines single elements and multi-couplings nominal diameter: ND 3 … 8 max. flow rate: 8 … 35 l/min max. operating pressure: 300 … 500 bar Piping elements Fittings, hydraulic oil, precision steel tubes, connecting inserts, pressure gauges, tube clamps, high-pressure...

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ROEMHELD FSS clamping systems Flexible clamping and support elements for clamping of thin-walled workpieces with free-form surfaces Clamping and supporting elements elements with their own linear actuator and vacuum clamping technology piston rod diameter: up to 70 mm strokes: 100 to 1000 mm max. axial support force: 1.2 = 12.0 kN The core elements of a FSS clamping system are the clamping and support elements that can be used in unlimited quantity and that together form the contact surface of the workpiece. Since each element can be positioned individually on the relevant workpiece...

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Are you interested in an individual consultation or do you have any questions about our products? We are pleased to support you. Römheld GmbH Friedrichshütte Römheldstraße 1– 5 35321 Laubach Germany Tel.: +49 6405/89-0 Fax: +49 6405/89-211 E-mail: Further companies of the ROEMHELD Group Intelligent zero point clamping systems Hilma-Römheld GmbH Auf der Landeskrone 2 57234 Wilnsdorf-Wilden Germany Tel.: +49 2739 / 40 37-0 E-mail: Stark Spannsysteme GmbH Römergrund 14 6830 Rankweil Austria Tel.: +43 5522/374 00-0 Fax: +43...

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