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Program summary Work Supports - 1

HILMA - STARK Program summary maximum load force from 3 to 102 kN maximum plunger stroke from 6 to 20 mm metallic wiper edge

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Program summary Work Supports - 2

HILMA - STARK Program summary WORK SUPPORTS Body design Block-type Top flange type Data sheet Hydraulic connection Functioning Off-position Hydraulic symbols Support plunger operation F = spring force H + F = hydraulics + spring force P = pneumatics A = contact control, pneumatic S = positive air press. connection possible Position control, pneumatic Self-locking, hydraulically operated Recommended minimum pressure Seals / wipers Metallic wiper edge Max. operating temperature Support plunger - diameter Support plunger - stroke Adm. load force (1) Max. flow rate Spring contact force...

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Program summary Work Supports - 3

pipe thread and drilled channels pipe thread at the side or at the bottom pipe thread - at the side XU _] single acting e ft L double acting e e single acting single acting a e e a e e double acting e ft L

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Program summary Work Supports - 4

Threaded-body type drilled channels single acting a e e a double acting e single acting a e e 100 bar 100 bar 100 bar 100 bar NBR/FKM NBR/FKM NBR/FKM NBR/FKM 25 • sharp-edged orifice • sharp-edged orifice 25 35 100

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Program summary Work Supports - 5

Threaded-body type • sharp-edged orifice • sharp-edged orifice gg-. ROEMHELDHILMA - STARK single + double acting e e

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Program summary Work Supports - 6

Important technical information Types of operation Spring force Hydraulic and spring force Off-position: Support plunger retracted The support plunger contacts the workpiece by air pressure. The contact force is proportional to the air pressure less spring force. The support plunger will be locked by hydraulic pressure and can compensate forces in axial direction. For retraction, hydraulic and air pressure will be released. The support plunger retracts by spring force relatively slowly to its off-position. Off-position: Support plunger retracted The support plunger is extended by a...

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Program summary Work Supports - 7

Important technical information Contact force The workpiece must not be deformed by the contact of the support plunger. Therefore, the contact is made with spring force or pneumatically. Depending on the size, the spring forces are between 4 and 100 N. With hydraulically extendable work supports, the contact force is the smallest, when the distance between the contact bolt and the workpiece is the largest before getting in contact. Max. distance to the workpiece reduces the contact force Metallic wiper edge and wiper The metallic wiper protects the wiper underneath against hot swarf or high...

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Program summary Work Supports - 8

Important technical information Contact bolts Most of the work supports are delivered with a contact bolt in the support plunger. This contact bolt has a dome-head and hardened contact surface. Attention ! Never use the work support without contact bolt, since penetrating dirt and liquids impede the function. Protection cap The protection cap is designed to protect the wiper, if a strong coolant jet is directed at the support plunger or the metallic wiper edge. For some threaded-body work supports, protection caps are available as an accessory. Contact bolt Sealing Dimension tolerances If...

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