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RIVI MAGNETICS Program summary For elastomer and thermosetting plastics up to 240°C

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Good start – quick change Gain time with M-TECS – Low downtimes. High productivity. Low set-up cost. Small batches entail frequent mould change. Whenever only few parts are required, M-TECS magnetic clamping technology provides a clear competitive advantage: ■■ low downtimes ■■ low set-up costs ■■ increased productivity Ideal for processing thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics or rubber M-TECS is a magnetic clamping technology that sets standards for magnetic quick change systems for the plastics processing industry. M-TECS 120 and M-TECS 240 operate with an electric permanent magnet....

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M-TECS 120 The quick change system for thermoplastics Temperature stable up to 120 °C M-TECS magnetic clamping systems provide evident benefits: Injection moulds, even if not standardised, can be easily and quickly changed without need for mould change. As a result of a clamping force which is evenly distributed all over the clamping surface, wear of the moulds is considerably reduced which means lower mould maintenance costs. With no moving parts, the system itself is basically maintenance-free. It is suitable for retrofitting on existing injection moulding machines or incorporating into...

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M-TECS 240 The quick change system for elastomer and thermosetting plastics Temperature resistant up to 240 °C M-TECS 240 opens up new paths for the rubber and the thermosetting plastics processing industries. With no downtime or waiting time to cool down or heat up moulds, changing times can sometimes be cut by hours. Using the advanced magnetic clamping technology, moulds can be changed even when they are hot as the operator will not make contact with them at all. This is both convenient and safe. The magnetic plates have a complete metal surface. With no T-slot between the heating and...

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With optimum starting conditions, you’ll make the race M-TECS magnetic plates ensure maxi­ mum power concentration. If a mould does not completely cover the magnetic plate surface, forces are directed to the clamping area, precisely where they are needed. This gives you maximum safety – a clear benefit particularly for small or medium moulds. Also, large moulds are safely kept in place with the highest clamping forces. However for all types of machines, mould change takes just a matter of minutes. The solid webs between the poles result in outstanding rigidity of the structure which has a...

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## RIVI MAGNETICS ROEMHELD HILMA - STARK Our sister company, the Hilma-Romheld GmbH, offers an extensive range of die clamping and changing systems. Please contact us. Hydraulic clamping elements Hilma-Romheld GmbH SchutzenstraBe 74 57271 Hilchenbach, Germany Tel.: +49 (0) 2733 281 0 E-mail: Ball and roller bars, consoles and accessories Please contact us if you would like further information such as technical data sheets or spreadsheets for ROI calculation. Also, we will be pleased to provide sample calculations of investment cost and amortisation...

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