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Q u al i t y. S a fe ty. Effic ie n c y. Only Quality is economical in the long run German specialist in brake + safety technology. G e s a m tka ta l og Te l e s k opg a b e l n / Ge n e ral über holungen Z i e h v o r ri ch tu n g e n C o m p l e te C atalo g u e Te l e s c op ic F o rk s / Ge n eral Overhauls P u s h - Pu llin g D ev ic e s Technische Daten / Zeichnung technical data / drawing 140826

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General Overhaul of Telescopic Forks and Push Pull Devices RÖMER Fördertechnik GmbH Nielandstraße 53 • D-58300 Wetter Exchange-Overhaul for Telescopic Forks by RFT What happens during an overhaul of the fork assembly? Every load carrying device such as telescopic forks should be overhauled at least once during the expected life to: 1. Prevent failures or shutdowns of the entire system 2. Extend the life expectancy of the forks significantly A fully functional telescopic fork is just as important for a stacker crane (RBG) as the power supply. If the fork assembly fails, that part of the...

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Telescopic Forks RÖMER Fördertechnik GmbH Nielandstraße 53 • D-58300 Wetter Telescopic forks from Roemer Foerdertechnik are build to handle single deep storage of pallets or metal boxes up to a load of 1500 kg. Based on the DEMAG design the fork was developed in two variants: 1) DS- Fork (double sinuid) with a mechanical chain drive system, which accelerates or decelerates the load in the end position sinusoidal. This fork device can be used, to exchange the old worn DS-Forks, with this similar drive system. Then electric- or control-changes are not necessary. 2) F-Fork with a robust linear...

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Push-Pull Devices RÖMER Fördertechnik GmbH Nielandstraße 53 • D-58300 Wetter Push Pull Devices from Römer Fördertechnik allows the handling and storage of flat metal boxes or trays with a maximum weight of 300 kg. The following features will define our handling device: Trays are handled through a cam system mounted on chains, hooking them to specific handling profiles on both loading unit sides. High safety due to adjustment of the gear output torque with an integrated clutch Therefore the device is positioned by a cross stroke of approx. 100-150 mm, to move the unit to the compartment and...

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