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Q u al i t y. S a fe ty. Effic ie n c y. Only Quality is economical in the long run German specialist in brake + safety technology. S c h i e nen za n g e / S tu rmsi c her ung Ty p V Z F H f ü r s c hi en e n g e b u n d e n e M aschinen, bewegliche Hallendächer R a i l Cla mp / S to rm B ra k e Ty p e V Z F H f o r ra il mo u n te d mac h in es, movable roof s Technische Daten / Zeichnung technical data / drawing 140826

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Rail Clamp Type VZFH with Floating Guidance Type VHS RÖMER Fördertechnik GmbH Nielandstraße 53 * D-58300 Wetter Hydraulik-Aggregat hydraulic unit Schutzhabe / Inspektionsdeckel guard hood / inspection cap Hydraulik-Zylinder hydraulic cylinder Zangenwagen clamp carriage Federsystem nicht dargestellt Dimensions acc. to the project: Type of rail _____________ Rail head width Rail height Rail channel width Rail channel height If a rail channel is existing (or according crossing sections) Restraining Force and Dimensions Design. / Size Restraining force Weight Coeff. of friction = 0,25 = 0,4 kN...

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Rail Clamp Type VZFH with Floating Guidance Type VHS Page 2 of 2 RÖMER Fördertechnik GmbH Nielandstraße 53 * D-58300 Wetter Floating Guidance Type VHS Guide idlers align the rail clamp and compensate vertical and horizontal movement in relation to the rail. The clamp car mounted inside the clamp housing, which is attached to the crane, is guided so it floats free horizontally and vertically within limits. In addition there is a vertical-horizontal guidance system (VHS) between clamp car and housing to assure a vertical position by prohibiting the clamp car from tilting round the...

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Charakteritics and Advantages of Rail Clamps VZFH Page 1 of 1 No. Characteristics, Advantages and Equipment RÖMER Fördertechnik GmbH Nielandstraße 53 * D-58300 Wetter Spec. Information Sheet The rail clamp is made up of two perpendicular clamp levers, which lower section - with the clamp jaws - are moved against the flanks of a rail head when they are closed. Because of this mechanical design no internal blocking is possible when the clamp operates to open. Closing is performed by spring force with toggle lever system - "Fail-SafeSystem"– adjustable by throttle (time delay 3 – 25 s closing...

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Guide Roller System Type RFT data sheet RÖMER Fördertechnik GmbH Nielandstraße 53 * D-58300 Wetter Page 1 of 1 System to be connected Setting range: E Part 2 directed outwards Load ratings for Guide Rollers - Part 3 Part 2 directed outwards Designations of the parts and notes: 1 Bracket The bolt mountings can be rotated by 180°– see the direction of arrow The roller pivot is located 4 mm outside the centre. 2 Bolt mounting (for roller pivot) 125 4 Spacer plate – 10 mm thick 5 Spacer plate – 2 mm thick Part 2 directed inwards Part 2 directed inwards 6 Spacer plate – 5 mm thick 7 Spacer plate...

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