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Römer Fördertechnik Your german component manufacturer. CRANE + INDUSTRIAL COMPONENTS from RÖMER Fördertechnik GmbH (RFT), Germany ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Guide roller systems Hydraulic buffers / Shock absorbers ▪ Synchro travel systems Lift buffers / Cellular plastic buffers ▪ Bottom hook blocks Brake systems ▪ Hook assemblies Brake control systems ▪ Wheels Coupling systems ▪ Telescopic forks Thruster TURBO controller ▪ Push pullin

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Quality and reliability Welcome to Römer Fördertechnik (RFT) About us. Römer Fördertechnik GmbH (RFT) based in Wetter/Ruhr, Germany, is specialized in brake and industrial technology in the fields of port-, mining-, conveyor and materials handling technology. RFT successfully cooperates with international crane manufacturers, operating companies and consultants. Hydraulic buffers, dampers, brakes, couplings, storm brakes, guide rollers, bottom hook blocks and many other products are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in RFTs own facilities in Germany. The products feature the...

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CONTENTS Product range / Product benefits Hydraulic buffer systems / Options Industrial brakes: Drum brakes / Options Disc brakes: Type RST, SCFH Caliper safety disc brakes Band brakes / Block brakes, Parking brakes Control system / Monitoring system Brake drums / Brake discs / RKK Coupling systems Thrusters / Cooling-System Thruster TURBO Control System / Load lowering systems New Rail clamp generation / New development Rail clamps / Storm brakes Guide roller systems, Synchro travel systems Bottom hook blocks, Rope pulleys, Hook assemblies, Wheels Telescopic Forks for storage + retrieval...

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Product extension High quality to secure your system Comprehensive product range and advise from one source. PS - PATENTED changeover valve Crane buffers PUDZ III with bellows Buffers type Cartridge I For storage systems HERKULES 3 buffers PUDZ III with bellows^ Buffers t SWD Rope rocker dampers TSP Deep Sea buffers Cellular plastic buffers/impact buffers Drum brakes acc. to DIN 15435 Disc brakes type RST Caliper safety disc brakes SCFH Block brakes / Parking brakes Thrusters type RBL TH I, II, III Brake drums / - discs TURBO Control system - PATENTED Brake disc couplings RKK-WBS Brake drum...

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PRODUCT RANGE: ▪ Storm brakes / Rail clamps - Manually operated - Electrically operated - Hydraulically operated - NEW: Horizontal execution - Closing by spring force / Opening by hydraulic-cylinder - NEW: With lifting and positioning function, without contact to the rail during normal crane operation ▪ Hydraulic buffers / Shock absorbers ▪ Industrial brakes - Drum brakes - Disc brakes - Caliper safety disc brakes - Band brakes - Block brakes / Parking brakes ▪ Control system / Monitoring system ▪ Brake drums / Brake discs ▪ Coupling systems - Claw couplings - Brake disc couplings - Brake...

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Hydraulic buffer systems Stop your system in case of failures or impacts. PUDZ III Cartridge Application for (e.g.): Stroke range: Max. energy absorption per stroke: Max. buffer force: Ambient temperature:  mechanical engineering, piling- & drilling rigs  from 50 mm to 200 mm  11 kJ  100 kN  from -20 °C to +60 °C Crane buffer type PUDZ III Application for (e.g.): Stroke range: Max. energy absorption per stroke: Max. buffer force: Ambient temperature: crane systems, heavy equipment from 50 mm to 1600 mm 582 kJ 1000 kN from -30 °C to +60 °C Crane buffer type PUDZ III OP, with squared flange...

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Optional equipment for buffers Crane systems Trolley travel drives Slewing drives Crushing units Luffing drives Elevators / Lifts Slabbing mills Storage and retrieval machines Cold storages Rigs and drilling machines Mechanical engineering Rope rocker systems / KTA systems Buffer consoles Special flanges Buffer head control systems Heating pads - useable for extreme low  Temperature environments (down to -60°C) ▪ Piston rod protection tubes ▪ Bellows ▪ Security chains ▪ Variable buffer stops ▪ Special paintings ▪ Special oil fillings ▪ Special design ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Replace / exchange other brands:...

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Industrial brakes: Drum brakes According to DIN 15435: Worldwide interchangeability RÖMER-brakes are built to DIN 15435 standard and therefore interchangeability is guaranteed. All steel components are made from solid material. German production! 1. Single-bar brake lever 2. Synchro-lifting-mechanic 3. Brake-shoe holding clip Synchro-lifting-mechanism (spring) at drum brake type RT guarantees automatically an uniform lifting gap between brake lining and brake drum. Optimal when using an automatic wear adjustment (AVN). Braking torques: Standard sizes: Standard drum diameter: ( larger sizes...

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Optional equipment for brakes Options / features: ▪ Monitoring limit switches for: - „Brake opened“ - „Brake closed“ - „Check lining wear“ ▪ Manual lifting device ▪ Automatic wear adjustment (AVN) ▪ Brake lining riveted and/or bonded ▪ Cooling system for thrusters against overheating ▪ Thruster TURBO Controller (Quicker braking times) ▪ Bolts with grease nipples ▪ Special construction for horizontal or suspended     mounting with support ▪ Brake retarder / Time-delayed braking ▪ Heating system ▪ Special design RFT Control System type RCS RCS as STANDARD or PRO version is a universal...

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Industrial brakes: Disc brakes, Band brakes, Block-/ Parking brakes Different versions for your application. High or low speed brake. The geometrically optimized caliper system guarantees a constant brake torque independent of direction of rotation. Using standardized components, manufactured in-house, we can offer various brake series with different function, with economical prices and short delivery times. All steel components are made from solid material. German quality! Type RST: High speed brake, fail safe principle ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Types: RST-0, RST-0-L, RST-1, RST-2, RST-3, RST-4 Vertical...

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