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Q u al i t y. S a fe ty. Effic ie n c y. Only Quality is economical in the long run German specialist in brake + safety technology. S p u r f üh run g srol l e n syste m Ty p SF R S - m i t i nte g ri e rten D ämpfu ngspads - PATENTIERT G u i d e R o lle r S y s tem Ty p e S F R S - w i t h in te g rated d a mp ing pads - PATENTED Technische Daten / Zeichnung technical data / drawing 150331

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Guide roller systems with integrated patented damping pads. Protection against impacts of rail misalignments. Everything from a single source. Guide rollers type SFRS High dynamic load ratings: - dynamic up to 150 kN - static load ratings up to 250 kN RÖMER Fördertechnik GmbH | Guide rollers: ▪ New: PATENTED damping pad! ▪ Suitable for different rail head profiles ▪ Roller Guide Liners enable low wear and exact guidance of  wheels without flange on rail systems ▪ Lateral setting range up to ± 10 mm ▪ New development is applicable for all constructions such as a chassis...

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Guide Roller System Type RFT Data Sheet RÖMER Fördertechnik GmbH Nielandstraße 53 * D-58300 Wetter Page 1 of 1 System to be connected Setting range: E Part 2 directed outwards Load ratings for Guide Rollers - Part 3 Part 2 directed outwards Designations of the parts and notes: 1 Bracket 2 Bolt mounting (for roller pivot) 125 The bolt mountings can be rotated by 180°– see the direction of arrow The roller pivot is located 4 mm outside the centre. Ø1 7,5 4 Spacer plate – 10 mm thick Part 2 directed inwards Part 2 directed inwards 5 Spacer plate – 2 mm thick 6 Spacer plate – 5 mm thick 7...

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