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RÖMER Fördertechnik GmbH Specialists in brake and drive technology Technische Daten / Zeichnung technical data / drawing 140314 Quality. Safety. Efficiency

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Electro-hydraulic actuated Fördertechnik GmbH I2 Top view base plate / Section view spring tube - without brake shoe lever and linkage - Outline thruster The drawing shows the brake in right hand design R. The left hand design L is mirrored to the drawing. Thrustors turned by 90° can be mounted. In this case please ask for changed dimensions. By thrustor to DIN 15 430 are different manufacturers of products available. Notes for following table: 1) The different operation factors such as sliding speed, surface pressure, thermal load, condition of the sliding surfaces, brake drum material and...

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Electro-hydraulic actuated Fördertechnik GmbH Technical Data Size RST 1 Thrustor to DIN 15 430 Ed 220-50 Brake disc Brake lining Lift gab per brake shoe approx. 1,25 mm Lift gab per brake shoe approx. 1,5 mm Lift gab per brake shoe approx. 1,5 mm Data in ( ) width of brake disc B1 = 40 mm eMail: Internet:

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Disc Brake SCFH Direct acting, hydraulic release. Fördertechnik GmbH Operating Principle • Spring applied braking force Hydraulic release Fail Safe (if power fails the brake applies) Direct acting without linkages • Fixed, not floating Notable Features • High braking torque, direction of rotation independent Supplied ready assembled, with pre-tensioned braking springs Two identical halves, and can be mounted in any position Manual adjustment for brake wear. Air-gap adjustable in the range 1=3mm standard low wear sintered pads with µ = 0,4 Encapsulated hydraulic system. The hydraulic piston...

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Disc Brake SCFH Direct acting, hydraulic release. Fördertechnik GmbH Monitoring/switches to indicate brake open/closed Manual release, using a hand pump on the Hydraulic Power Pack Hydraulic Power Pack, which can also be configured to operated multiple calipers Special versions for very high, or very low temperatures Hydraulic systems for ultra-low flammability hydraulic fluids Brake discs either with hub or flange mounting Technical Data Performance Data: Pad force F Size Hydraulic Release Pressure Brake Pad Friction Coeff. Surface area 1) [cm²] µ Various factors can affect the friction...

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Disc Brake SCFH Direct acting, hydraulic release. Fördertechnik GmbH Brake Disc dependent Dimensions: Baugröße SCFH-1 Brake disc outer diameter D2, and disc thickness B1 are customer supplied dimensions Dimensions in mm, subject to change! eMail: Internet:

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