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Q u al i t y. S a fe ty. Effic ie n c y. Only Quality is economical in the long run German specialist in brake + safety technology. S i c h e rhe i tsb remse C a l i p er S c h e i b e n b re msen SCFH S a f e t y B rak e C a l i p er D isc B rak e s S C FH Technische Daten / Zeichnung technical data / drawing 150520

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PROTECT YOUR HOIST SYSTEM Reduction of maintenance costs and failures German specialist in brake + safety technology. Concerning hoists with safety brakes at the board disc of the rope drum significant loads in the hoist gearing may appear. As a result of different reaction times of service brakes on the motor shaft and safety brakes push-like gearing torques of 10 times the nominal torque can bet he effect. These push-like loads can be of negative influence on the bearing lifetime and consequently on the gearing lifetime. + service brake drum-, disc or band brake + TURBO Control system...

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Disc Brake Caliper SCFH Direct acting, hydraulic release. page 1 of 4 Operating Principle Spring applied braking force Hydraulic release Fail Safe (if power fails the brake applies) Direct acting without linkages Notable Features High braking torque, direction of rotation independent Supplied ready assembled, with pre-tensioned braking springs Two identical halves, and can be mounted in any position Manual adjustment for brake wear. Air-gap adjustable in the range of 1 to 3 mm standard low wear sintered pads with µ = 0,4 Encapsulated hydraulic system. The hydraulic piston is fitted behind...

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Disc Brake Caliper SCFH Direct acting, hydraulic release. page 2 of 4 Monitoring switches to indicate brake open, brake closed, brake lining wear Manual release, using a hand pump on the Hydraulic Power Pack Hydraulic Power Pack, which can also be configured to operate multiple calipers Special versions for very high or very low temperatures Hydraulic systems with hardly inflammable or biodegradable hydraulic fluids Brake discs either with hub or flange mounting Technical Data Performance Data: Brake Pad Hydraulic Release Pressure Friction Coeff. Surface area 1) [cm²] µ Pad force F per...

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Disc Brake Caliper SCFH Direct acting, hydraulic release. page 3 of 4 Determining the Brake Torque: The effective brake torque of a complete brake caliper is calculated using the following formula The effective diameter D1 can be found using the formula below on this page. Alternatively, the effective braking torque can be taken from the displayed diagram. Combinations of multiple calipers are possible to get a wide range of contact force. Special Design and combinations on request! 400 Dimensions dependent on the brake disc: Size Brake disc outer diameter D2, and disc thickness B1 are...

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Disc Brake Caliper SCFH Direct acting, hydraulic release. page 4 of 4 Mounting surface Dimensions in mm Technical modifications reserved! Mounting surface Mounting surface Brake disc eMail: Internet:

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