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Automation Technology Tailored ideally to your tasks

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Workstation systems / Assembly assistance systems Ergonomic, flexible, efficient and smart A human being is indispensable for many production processes. RK Rose+Krieger supplies assembly workstations which are tailored to specific demands and ergonomic considerations and can also be integrated into digital production environments as required. Not every production process can be automated in a practical manner. This applies above all to the manufacturing of complex products in small quantities with a high variability and working sequences and special solutions which cannot be automated in a...

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Poka-yoke workstation - Zero error principle - Technical equipment to avoid errors in the work process Vision controlled assembly system: „Smart Klaus“ Instructions and quality assurance for manual assembly in real time thanks to intelligent image processing Workstations with COBOT support Collaborative robots support the employee Material/transport trolley and kanban systems Ideally tailored to your workstation system Assembly workstations

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Workstation systems / assistance systems - 4

Basis workstations RK Easywork – Rugged basis , static or with electrical height adjustment More information RK Easywork work table The RK Easywork work table is characterised by customisability. It can be converted flexibly and is available as both a standard work table and a special solution ideally adapted to the working/manufacturing process. This makes it attractive above all for small and medium batch productions the use of which is not permanent. Thanks to the modular system, the rugged work table remains upgradable and functionally modifiable even after years. Requirement-specific...

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Workstation systems / assistance systems - 5

LEAN workstations RK LEAN Solution workstations – Tailored individually to the process Video LEAN work table The purpose of the RK LEAN Solution workplaces is to create an ergonomic working environment and to design the workflows in such a way that they are optimally adapted to the process. This achieves, for example, an increase in productivity, short throughput times and a reduction in workload. In workplace design, the focus is on adapting working conditions to people, not on adapting people to given working conditions. • Ergonomic and individual workstation solutions • RK modular design...

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Workstation systems / assistance systems - 6

Workstation Pick-to-Light SETAGO® - innovative assistance system Pick-to-Light Video pick to light system Pick-to-Light is a display system for defect-free packaging and order picking which is now also being introduced into the assembly process in order to ensure flawless configuration and assembly of machine parts or components. The SETAGO® system features a display above the material which also functions as a sensor which introduces the next process step when triggered, or stops the process or issues a signal when a mistake is made. • Zero defects and higher productivity • Process...

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Workstation systems / assistance systems - 7

Workstation Poka Yoke Zero defect principle, poka-yoke Video Poka Yoke work station The flaps are one main feature of a poka-yoke workstation. This means that poka-yoke also provides a physical barrier in addition to the visual aids of the classic pick to light system so that incorrect parts cannot be picked even inadvertently. The employee is guided step by step to the correct component container by the opening of the flaps and the lighting up of the display. The materials required for the working step are picked and there is no need for a long search. Poka-yoke sensors/flaps are also used...

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Workstation systems / assistance systems - 8

Workstations with ognitive assistance system Instructions and quality assurance in real time thanks to smart image processing Video „Smart Klaus“ Cognitive assistance systems are used in assembly in order to direct employees in production and check in real time that working steps are carried out correctly. In this field RK Rose+Krieger counts on the sophisticated and tried-and-tested „Smart Klaus“ assistance system. The camera images captured in real time at the workstation are analysed by the assistance system continuously and combined digitally with the stored specialist knowledge. •...

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Workstation systems / assistance systems - 9

Workstations with COBOT Collaborating robots (cobots) support the assembly process Video COBOT-Anbindung Cobots can provide assembly workers with support in many ways: they lift heavy objects or take on monotonous tasks with single-sided strain, like accurately handing over parts. This way, they provide relief for workers and protect their health. Collaborative robots are also a practical option for line-controlled tasks which a human can either not perform as precisely, continuously or quickly and reliably as a machine. In conjunction with height-adjustable workstations and assistance...

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Workstation systems / assistance systems - 10

Flexible transportation and storage systems • Transport / material / assembly trolleys for your intralogistics • Kanban systems and storage racks • Produced from the components of the RK profile system or the tube connectors • To optimise the material flow at the workplace or in the company • High variability and unlimited system solutions • Individual adaptation of the racks to the production/manufacturing pr

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Workstation systems / assistance systems - 11

We come to you or you come to us We are at your side from the initial contact to the commissioning one contact for your process optimisations! Benefit from our experience. • You outline, if necessary together with our sales consultants, • ... your individual requirements • We prepare a non-binding offer or ... • ... You visit a real workshop with us • Our product specialists work out the solution together with you • Design, production and, if desired, on-site installation and commissioning • - all from one source Are you still configuring or are you already producing? RK Rose+Krieger...

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More informsation work station systems 8100026420 01/2021 Printed in Germany EN 250 Flyeralarm RK Rose+Krieger GmbH Connecting and positioning systems Potsdamer Straße 9 32423 Minden, Germany Telephone + 49 571 93 35-0 Telefax + 49 571 93 35-119 www.rk-rose-krieger

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