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Selection Guides (Linear-/Connecting- & Profile-Technology)

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Renowned Know-how fii RK ROSE+KRIEGER A Phoenix Mecano Company

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RK Selection Guides Help selecting a product – a focus on your application The comprehensive RK Rose+Krieger product portfolio provides you with multiple components for your scope of application. With this brochure we would like to help you to select a product for your application in a simple way. If required, you will find detailed information in the respective main catalogues. If you do not find the right product or you would like some help making a choice, our product consultants are of course available. Starting with your application, the three RK selection guides „Linear Technology“,...

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LINEAR TECHNOLOGY Moving and positioning ■ Linear unitsElectric cylinder ■ Lifting columns PROFILE TECHNOLOGY Combining profiles without mechanical processing! ■ Structural profiles ■ Functional profiles ■ Heavy duty profiles Connecting precision round and square tubes reliable and stable ■ Light Clamps (Plastic) ■ Solid Clamps (Aluminium) ■ Robust Clamps (Stainless steel) Connecting Technology Profile Technology Linear Technology

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Guiding, adjustment, positioning or uniform motion, the requirements for linear motion operations are as numerous as the solutions. We offer you a wide spectrum of linear motion components, starting with an occasional manual movement, as well as frequent operation, through to continuous high dynamic positioning. In order for you to preselect the most suitable range quick and easy, we have developed a system which is strictly application orientated. You can determine the most suitable size and design based on your performance requirements from within the range. We are always here, of course,...

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The four steps to your product recommendationStep 1: The application is always the focus ■ Width, length and height adjustment ■ Loading and unloading, palletising, pick & place ■ Numerically controlled operation tasks Step 2: Which product design do you want? Step 3: What features should the product have? Step 4: Which performance category do you require? ■ Travel ■ Load ■ Speed ■ Accuracy ■ etc.

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Width, length, height adjustment Features: 9 Manual or electric drive 9 Occasional to daily multiple adjustment 9 Low duty cycle 9 Low speed 9 Moderate to high stability Your appli takes centr Move-Tec continue on page 8

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Linear Technology 99High repeatability 99Short cycle time 99High number of cycles 993-shift operation 99High reliability Profile Technology Loading and unloading, palletising, pick & place Connecting Technology 99High positioning accuracy 99Uniform motion 99High drive stiffness 993 shift operation 99IP40 protected Numerically controlled travel 7

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Width, length and height adjustment Twin tube Rodless style Single tube actuator Twin tube Cylinder performance class 1 M9 E-cylinder Travel: 50 mm Fd max: 300 N Fz max: 300 N Vmax: 14 mm/s 010 E-cylinder Travel max 100 mm Fd max: 500 N Fz max: 500 N Vmax: 22 mm/s 015 E-cylinder Travel max 140 mm Fd max: 1,000 N Fz max: 1,000 N Vmax: 100 mm/s Two-stage Multilift Travel max: 498 mm Fd max: 3,000 N Fz max: 1,000 N Vmax: 16 mm/s Multilift II Travel max: 497 mm Fd max: 3,000 N Fz max: 3,000 N Vmax: 16 mm/s RK Slimlift Travel max: 500 mm Fd max: 4,000 N Fz max: 2,000 N Vmax

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LZ 60 E-cylinder Travel max: 597 mm Fd max: 4,000 N Fz max: 4,000 N Vmax: 85 mm/s Heavy load cylinder LZ 70 TR PL E-cylinder Travel max: 1.000 mm Fd max: 5,000 N Fz max: 5,000 N Vmax: 48 mm/s LZ 80 E-cylinder Travel max: 1,005 mm Fd max: 10,000 N Fz max: 10,000 N Vmax: 25 mm/s SLZ 63 TR FL/PL E-cylinder Travel max: 1,005 mm Fd max: 15,000 N Fz max: 15,000 N Vmax: 58 mm/s SLZ 90 E-cylinder Travel max: 2,000 mm Fd max: 25,000 N Fz max: 25,000 N Vmax: 77 mm/s Multiple-stage lifting columns lifting columns RK Powerlift Travel max: 500 mm Fd max: 3,000 N Fz max: 1,500 N Vmax: 50 mm/s Profile...

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Loading and unloading, palletising, pick & place * Drive + Guide (Linear actuator) RK MonoLine Travel max: 5,780 mm Fx max: 4,800 N Fy max: 9,400 N Fz max: 5,200 N v max: 10 m/s a max: 20 m/s2 Repeatability ± 0,05 mm Roller guide actuators Drive + Guide (Linear actuator)

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Heavy duty actuators MultiLine Travel max: 5,620 mm Fx max: 4,700 N Fy max: 8,200 N Fz max: 12,000 N v max: 5 m/s a max: 50 m/s2 Repeatability ± 0,05 mm RK DuoLine Z Travel max: 9,010 mm Fx max: 6,000 N Fy max: 5,100 N Fz max: 8,900 N v max: 5 m/s a max: 50 m/s2 Repeatability ± 0,05 mm D-Line (on request) Travel max: 50,000 mm Fx max: 4,700 N Fy max: 10,000 N Fz max: 10,000 N v max: 5 m/s a max: 50 m/s2 Repeatability ± 0,1 mm For detailed information, sizing, accessories, motors and controls please look in our main catalogue ,Linear Technology'

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Numerically controlled travel Ball return guides Rodless style (up to 4,4 m travel) RK DuoLine R Travel max: 7,692 mm Fy max: 5,100 N Fz max: 8,900 N v max: 5 m/s a max: 50 m/s² Ball return rails actuators DuoLine S Travel max: 4,440 mm Fx max: 8,000 N Fy max: 5,100 N Fz max: 8,900 N Mx max: 500 Nm My max: 1,200 Nm Mz max: 1,150 Nm v max: 2.5 m/s a max: 20 m/s² Positioning ability ± 0,05 mm Heavy load cylinder Rod style (up to 2 m travel) LZ 70 FL/PL E-cylinder Travel max: 1,000 mm Fd max: 5,000 N Fz max: 5,000 N v max: 1.000 mm/s Positioning accuracy ± 0,05 mm SLZ 63 KG FL/PL E-cylinder...

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Application example: sorting machine of empties

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Selection guide profile technology What matters is not only the profile, it is also the connection between the profiles. Years of application experience have resulted in an industrial aluminium profile system which can meet almost any requirements. Unlimited creativity combined with the highest levels of flexibility and proven reliability offers you multiple possible solutions to your requirements. Benefit from all the advantages, especially connection without machining being required. The success of a system is the sum of its parts, based on strong individual parts. In order for you to...

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The three steps to your product recommendationStep 1: The application always takes centre stage ■ Stable versatile structures ■ Additional visual and functional benefit ■ Heavy duty with highest stability o Q. Step 3: Which function do you need? ■ Configuration (square, rectangular, rounded, angular) ■ Number of slots ■ Easy assembling ■ Additional functions: visible design or frame profiles

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