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RK SyncFlex - Balancing synchrnous lifting systems

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Automation Technology A Phoenix Mecano Company

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RK SyncFlex – adjuster plates for lifting columns Clamping protection 9 Eliminates risk of crushing Safety retainer 9 Catch mechanism prevents the device being broken off Tilt limiter 9 Ensures the stability of the system Setting screws 9 For adjustment of adjuster plate 9 Can also be used as a xing option Pressure plate 9 For adjustment of adjuster plate 9 Can also be used as an assembly plate 9 Serves to provide a stable surface Alignment tool 9 Spirit level facilitates precise alignment Highlights / features: Alignment of the lifting columns via easily acces- sible setting screws Screws...

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RK SyncFlex H Horizontal alignment To prevent locked-up stress in mechanically overdened bearing systems (more than one xed bearing) around the horizontal axis. With RK SyncFlex H dened loose bearings supplement the application. Height compensation Installation height RK SyncFlex V Vertical alignment If the lifting columns are not parallel, the distance between the two upper xing points will change during the movement. However, a rigid connection keeps this distance constant, and this means that the lifting columns are subject to very strong forces. RK SyncFlex V enables the compensation of...

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RK SyncFlex – dimensions / order data RK SyncFlex H Scope of delivery: Adjuster plate, incl. xing material the Z-axis enables the freedom of movement required when moving the lifting columns. Alpha Colonne II large Alpha Colonne II medium The lifting columns can be alig- ned via the vertical adjustment around the X-Y axes. Scope of delivery: Adjuster plate, incl. xing material Option: Optionally available with or without pressure plate (see table) Code No. Alpha Colonne II large Alpha Colonne II medium Without pressure plate Powerlift telescope Powerlift Z-classic Powerlift Z-wave Alpha...

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RK SyncFlex A - Axial adjustment for electric cylinders – LZ 60 / 70 Axial adjustment conditions that are difficult to adjust Axial adjustment – LZ 60 / 70 Dimensions / ordering data Scope of delivery: Axial adjustment, incl. swivel head as depicted

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RK Rose+Krieger’s range of services The RK product range LINEAR TECHNOLOGY 99Manual adjustment units 99Electric cylinders 99Lift columns 99Linear axes 99We can move loads for you of up to 3 t up to 12 m dynamically, reliably and with great precision PROFILE TECHNOLOGY 99The tried and tested BLOCAN assembly system 99Joining technology with an unsurpassed combination of flexibility and reliability JOINING TECHNOLOGY 99Fittings for the secure combining of round and square tubes 99Aluminium, steel, stainless steel and plastic elements MODULE TECHNOLOGY 99Machine frames 99Workstations...

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What we can do for you Do you need to focus your resources on other tasks and are you looking for a competent partner you can rely on? Working in close collaboration with you, our specialists will develop solutions tailor-made to meet your needs. If you wish, we can also assemble and commission the units on site. Just make a sketch of your Our product specialists will We can deliver your turnkey solution or assemble and commission it for you on site

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A Phoenix Mecano Company XYes, I would like to know more about RK linear technology, please: □ send me the linear technology Contact partner: □ send me details of your product range in PDF A Phoenix Mecano Company Connecting and positioning systems E-mail: info@rk-online.de Internet: www.rk-rose-krieger.com

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