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Automation Technology A Phoenix Mecano Company assembly workstation systems

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LEAN What is LEAN production? LEAN production and Kaizen are concepts encountered with increasing frequency when it comes to optimising production processes, reducing (and ideally eliminating) waste, and creating continuous improvement. These are issues on which companies will have to increasingly focus in future if they are to remain competitive. RK Rose+Krieger has engaged with LEAN management/production for a considerable time now and, thanks to our experience and the diversity of our products, we are able to offer a wide range of individual solutions which can be tailored exibly to your...

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Great variety LEAN-Solution - medium to high quantity Small/medium series Types of production Mass production Job/single-piece production Little/no variety - Extreme variety - High quantities LINEAR TECHNOLOGY CONNECTING TECHNOLOGY Clamp and release solutions PROFILE TECHNOLOGY MODULE TECHNOLOGY Consultancy services and optimisation RK LEAN assembly workstation systems

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Production today Conventional production INTERMEDIATE STORAGE Inventory Space requirement Time Quality Costs There is waste everywhere What is waste? Only approx. 10%-15% of a process involves value-adding work. Approx. 50% is waste and approx. 35%-40% support activities. RK LEAN assembly workstation systems

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The 7 Mudas ...or the different types of waste. If the parts produced do not come up to the required standard, they must be reworked or even scrapped. This ties up available capacity and causes extra costs. Transportation does not increase the value of a product. This time could be used to carry out value-adding work. If tools and materials are not located exactly where you need them, production times increase. Ineffective processes If you cannot carry on with your work or have to search for a tool or materials, valuable working time is lost. High stock levels and intermediate storage tie...

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Production tomorrow "One piece ow" Inventory Space requirement Time Quality Costs To come up with the optimal solution, we take a holistic view of your application. support activities value creation RK LEAN assembly workstation systems

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Equipment cart with pull-out drawers RK LEAN Solution Transportation/ Logistics (support activity) RK LEAN Using BLOCAN® transport trolleys and transport shelves, components can be moved to the right location without the need for further equipment such as fork lift trucks or lifting carts. The exible BLOCAN® prole system allows quick and uncomplicated conversion for new models or components. Flow rack for heavy components RK LEAN shelving systems support the supermarket principle. Ergonomic and optimal positioning of the parts box guarantees that the parts can be removed quickly and easily....

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Production process Sample workstation – basic RK LEAN assembly workstation systems

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Production process Sample workstation – height-adjustable Production process (value creation) Height-adjustable assembly workstations from RK Rose+Krieger Working height needs to be optimally adapted to suit the height of the operator and the dimensions of the product. Height-adjustable workstation systems enable ergonomic optimisation and thus minimise physical strain. The basic set-up of a workstation system can be tailored to the requirements of the customer An optimally congured workstation should adapt to conditions and requirements, and not only from an ergonomic perspective – workow...

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Production process Workstation lighting Ergonomic workplace Being healthy and productive are two of the most valuable assets anyone can have. At the same time, staying healthy is the basis for being able to work. Height-adjustable workstations promote health and productivity. RK Rose+Krieger has many years of experience in the design of ergonomic workstations to draw on. Mobile measuring table – exibility is the key Universally adjustable tables and equipment enable exible use and ergonomic working. Workpieces with different dimensions are easy to process and inspect. In addition to...

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Production process Sample workstations – individual and mobile Production process (value creation) Individually rotating, swivelling and height-adjustable Dynamic and fatigue-free working demands an optimally congured workstation. The quality of work increases, processing times are cut, absences due to illness are reduced. Each workstation is congured exactly according to your specications and requirements. "one piece ow" Production processes are arranged section by section in so-called islands. Where the operator changes frequently (e.g. in shift operation), individual adjustment of the...

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Production process Optimised workplaces for maximum efciency. An optimised process begins with a safe, clean and well designed workplace. Tools and components are arranged so as to enable a harmonious workow. Our tailor - made RK LEAN assembly workstation systems are created using high quality aluminium proles manufactured by our subsidiary RK Rose + Krieger a system that we make available to our customers. The RK LEAN assembly workstation system as a solution ing on flow ucti ur prod t yo ..we ge . 12 RK LEAN assembly workstation systems Production process (value creation) Waste (Mudas)...

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RK LEAN-Solution INNOVATIVE PROCESS DESIGN – EFFICIENT PROCESSES Our focus on value-added activities fosters efcient and conscientious use of resources. This means that transport distances can be reduced, workplaces optimised, processes accelerated and exibility and responsiveness continually improved. If high - quality processes can be reliably reproduced, this paves the way for faster process speeds and shorter lead times. This in turn means that inventories can be reduced, which reduces storage costs and results in smaller capacity and capital requirements and lower costs....

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Workstation lighting Energy efciency with light control Workplace lighting is in ux. Not only must the strict statutory provisions on energy consumption be considered, but also the needs of users in the changing world of work. Only the consistent use of innovative technologies makes it possible to full these requirements. The most important tools for energy-efcient lighting are: High-performance optics for precise light steering Optical systems with a reduced cross-section deliver such high-performance lights with decorative appeal for top-quality lighting. Integrated light management:...

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