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RK LEAN-Solution & RK Easywork Automation Technology 03/2019

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Renowned Know-how Automation Technology fii RK ROSE+KRIEGER A Phoenix Mecano Company ... individually tailored to your production process

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RK LEAN-Solution & RK Easywork LEAN production Lean production is the reduction of the 7 forms of waste (overproduction, waiting time, transportation, unnecessary processing, stocks, movement, rejects/reworking). A number of methods help to achieve shorter lead times and delivery times and significantly lower stock levels. We at RK Rose+Krieger would like to provide you with support for your optimisation plans by constructing your workstations, shelves or transport trolleys in accordance with your concepts and lean and ergonomics principles so that they are adapted ideally to the process,...

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Today's workstations Yesterday's workstations Static, non-modifiable working environments. Employees had little to no options for making changes or adjustments. The working environment adapts to constant changes. Employees constantly improve work procedures. To achieve optimum results, humans and workstations must harmonise. We would be happy to advise you on how to design the working environment for your employees in the best possible way.

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Transport trolleys Individual workstations

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Transport trolleys

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RK LEAN-Solution & RK Easywork RK LEAN-Solution individual workstations The highest degree of efficiency in optimised workstations. You are familiar with your processes and your requirements. Our product specialists know the RK product portfolio. Together, we can develop the ideal solution for you. If you already have firm ideas, draw up a sketch and send it to our product specialists. Innovative process structuring – Efficient sequences We are happy to share our many years of experience in the field of lean production with you.

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RK Easywork individual workstations The RK Easywork workstation system is based on RK Rose+Krieger's complete modular system. We implement your ideas using our versatile RK product range. PROFILE TECHNOLOGY LINEAR TECHNOLOGY CONNECTING TECHNOLOGY Clamp and release solutions BLOCAN® construction profiles made from aluminium and the electrically driven lifting columns offer a perfect combination for the creation of high-quality table concepts. Customers can choose between the simplest static tables or electrically height-adjustable work tables and configure their own combinations. Are you...

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workstation systems Compilation of a workstation system ■ We will be happy to help with the design of your table systems ■ Please contact us at: anfrage.vertrieb@rk-online.de Telephone: 0571/9335-801 ■ Calculation details can also be found on our homepage: www.rk-rose-krieger.com/service

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Work table: static ■ Base frame made from profile 40 x 40 and 40 x 80 ■ Variable height (min. 750 mm max. 1250 mm), width and depth of the table ■ ESD accessories available ■ Different table top material options ■ Optional portal which can be configured with accessories ■ Various drawer cabinet versions 1 2. Table width ( 1. Table height

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workstation systems RK Easywork Work table: electrically height adjustable with Multilift II Multilift II ESD (electrostatic discharge) ■ Height adjustment using dualcolumn system (Multilift lifting columns), various designs ■ Adjustment using 6-key hand switch/2-key hand switch and an electronic MultiControl synchronous controller ■ Min. table height = 726 mm Max. table height = 1171 mm ■ Wide range of configuration and equipment options, as with the static version ESD Multilift II impact (integrated damping)

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Work table: electrically height adjustable with Multilift II telescope Multilift II telescope ■ Height adjustment using dualcolumn system (Multilift lifting columns), various designs ■ Adjustment using 6-key hand switch/2-key hand switch and an electronic MultiControl synchronous controller rii RK ROSE+KRIEGER ■ Min. table height = 728 mm Max. table height = 1378 mm ■ Wide range of configuration and equipment options, as with the static version 3. Table depth 2. Table width

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load data Work table static F zmax a Work table: electrically height adjustable zmax Work table (a = left/b = right) F zmax a M ymax a F zmax b M ymax b F zmax

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Rear gantry rear gantry (a = left/b = right)

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workstation systems RK EasyworkController for height-adjustable work tables: MultiControl II duo ■ Duty cycle, overcurrent and temperature monitoring for overload protection as standard ■ Intuitive operation thanks to hand switch with graphics-capable display screen (6-key hand switch) ■ The hand switch can be used to perform multiple functions, such as the storage of intermediate positions or user changes (6 positions can be saved) ■ Simple connection to the master control system level using serial interface (RS-485) and standardised bus protocol (Modbus ASCII) ■ Energy-efficient overall...

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Hand switch with display screen (6 function keys) Hand switch without display screen (2 function keys) Hand switch drawer ■ Fastenings are included with the basic version of the work table

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RK Easywork Standard version: The attachments are supplied loose with the base table (includes assembly instructions). Special version: You receive your work table fully assembled with all the desired attachments. Table top Frame/gantry LED lamp Runner profile Balancer Perforated boards/tool holders Mounting rail Material tray level Pivoting material rail Document holder Grab containers Roller conveyors Power supply RK monitor mounting Tool holder Monitor holder Cup and device holder Drawer cabinet Keyboard shelf PC holder (page 31)

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Different board materials can be selected depending on the area of application. Laminated particleboard (HPL, MFB) Decorative, plastic-coated, easy-care, banded edges Beech multiplex panel High load-bearing strength and flexural strength, easy to machine ESD table top Volume conductive particleboard core, high resistance to abrasion Further versions available on request. Cut to specification. ESD mat, see page „ESD table mat“ on page 32.

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