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Renowned Know-how fii RK ROSE+KRIEGER A Phoenix Mecano Company Product overview Components and system solutions for automation technology

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a subsidiary of the globally-active Phoenix Mecano AG, and a full-service provider offering a wide range of linear components, profile assembly technology, connecting and modular technology, which is unique in the market. Decades of experience and our application expertise in various industry sectors means that we are a competent partner. We are focussed on your needs, from the initial contact to delivery. Individual advice and rapid delivery are not mutually exclusive, but rather both result from our determined focus on customer needs. This guide provides an overview of the full range...

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Product overview - 3

We offer 9 A broad, integrated product range 9 40 years of application experience in a wide range of fields 9 Competent advice on your project 9 Creative ideas for your individual solutions 9 Quality, because we keep our promises

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Product overview - 4

LINEAR TECHNOLOGY 9 Manual adjustment units 9 Electrical cylinders 9 Lifting columns 9 Linear actuators 9 We move up 3 tons over 12 metres precise, dynamic and reliable LINI PR CONN! MO PROFILE TECHNOLOGY 9 The proven BLOCAN® aluminium assembly system with profiles of 9 20 mm to 320 mm for diverse applications 9 Connection technology with a unmatched combination of flexibility and reliability

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Product overview - 5

CONNECTING TECHNOLOGY 9 Reliable connections between round and square tubes 9 Connecting elements made of aluminium, steel, stainless steel and plastic 9 Sizes from 8 mm to 80 mm MODULAR TECHNOLOGY 9 We develop, manufacture and install for you 9 Machine frames 9 Workplaces 9 Protective enclosures 9 Multidimensional linear actuator modules 9 Complete drive solutions

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Product overview - 6

LINEAR TECHNOLOGY Moving and positioning Guiding, adjustment, positioning or uniform motion, the requirements for linear motion operations are as numerous as the solutions. We offer you a wide spectrum of linear motion components, starting with an occasional manual movement, as well as frequent operation, through to continuous high dynamic positioning. We will be pleased to advise you and help you select the best solution for your application. If this is not enough, we will develop a new optimal solution with you. Reliable positioning saves much trial and error.

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Product overview - 7

Application: cutting leather and plastic components for the automobile industry Performance = Power x Speed 9 From 1 kg to 3 tons 9 Up to 10 m/s and 50 m/s2 9 From 100 mm to 12 m 9 Easy integration of all current servomotors 9 Highly reliable in constant use under various environmental conditions

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Product overview - 8

LINEAR TECHNOLOGY Move-Tec – Width, length and height adjustment •  anual or electric drive M •  ccasional to multiple O adjustments daily •  Low duty cycle •  Low speed •  Medium to high stability Loading and unloading, palletising, pick & place •  High repeatability •  Short cycle times •  High cycle rates •  3 shift operation •  High reliability Numerically controlled positioning applications •  High positioning accuracy •  Uniform motion •  High drive stiffness •  3 shift o

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Product overview - 9

Lifting columns Height adjustment made easy •  Workplace ergonomics •  Industrial automation •  Medical technology •  Media technology Electric cylinder The alternative to pneumatic/ hydraulic cylinders technology / maintenance-free •  elf-locking, even under S max. load

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Product overview - 10

PROFILE TECHNOLOGY Mix and match What matters is not only the profile, it is also the connection between the profiles. Years of application experience have resulted in an industrial aluminium profile system which can meet almost any requirement. Unlimited creativity combined with the highest levels of flexibility and proven reliability offers you multiple possible solutions to your requirements. Benefit from all the advantages, especially connection without machining being required. The success of a system is the sum of its parts, based on strong individual parts. Save yourself the drilling...

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Product overview - 11

Application: transportation and handling using BLOCAN® frames Use the system to gain savings 9 Combine, assemble, modify 9 Highest levels of variability, without requiring machining 9 Reliable thanks to connection technology which has been proven over years (..Permanently stable") 9 Wide range of standard profiles from 20 mm to 320 mm, often available of the shelf 9 Available as standard parts or cut to length (labelled, ready for installation)

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Product overview - 12

PROFILE TECHNOLOGY Structural Profiles – Stable versatile structures •  Fixing slots on all sides •  Unlimited applications •  Minimized design effort •  Cost optimisation Functional Profiles – Additional visual and functional benefit •  Attractive design •  Many additional functions •  Flexible Heavy Duty Profiles – Heavy duty with highest stability •  High dynamic •  Large structures •  E

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Product overview - 13

Protection and partitioning system •  turdy protection system in S aluminium design •  inimum of designing efforts M thanks to standard modules •  Assembly with no need for machining •  Extensive accessory programme •  onform to the new European Machinery C Directive 2006/42/EC and EN ISO 14120:2015 (D) Click & Safe quick, easy and reliable connections Various grid surfaces Hinged door Hinged door (double wing) Sliding door Vertical-lift door Profile connection technology Minimum effort, low preparation/installation costs •  achining of profiles is not neccessary M – no additional costs, no...

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Product overview - 14

Clamp and release Connecting precision round and square tubes reliable and stable whilst also making releasing easy appears to be a difficult task. The RK connecting technology, which has been proven over years of use, meets this requirement in a simple and almost perfect fashion. Our versatile connection elements offer you the chance to implement creative and flexible solutions, because you can rely on our product. We are sure to have the right part for you, and if not we will develop one especially. Save yourself welding, blasting, pickling, sweating.

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