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Linear unit E-II-stainless

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Renowned Know-how Automation Technology A Phoenix Mecano Company Linear unit E-II-stainless

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Single tube actuator – Linear unit E-II-stainless Flexible all-rounder – now also corrosion-resistant Guide carriage /fixing elements 99 tainless steel ball bearing S 99 lot cover as dust protection or S 99 ange of variants facilitates R stroke limitation connection to your design 99 With drain hole as standard 99 ade from stainless steel, M Units for light to heavy Second free-running guide movement applications Corrosion-resistant to media, guide carriages with slide bush as standard carriage Higher temperature range e.g. water Suitable for washing down FDA-approved lubricants Rodless style

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Linear unit E-II-stainless - Table of contents

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General information/operating conditions Design Guide Installation position Positioning accuracy Self-locking Actuator with trapezoidal screw in a slotted tube Guide carriage with slide bushing Any position ± 0.2 mm / 300 mm stroke Yes Ambient temperature Ball bearing Trapezoidal screw Guide tube Bearing Screws Sealing profile End element Lead nut Brass alloy Driver key Screw lead Type Required screw speed* n [rpm] = speed [m/min] x 1°°° screw lead [mm] *max. screw speed with ball bearing 250 rpm No-load torque [Nm] Type Move-Tec Rodless style | Drive + Guide

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Linear unit E-II-stainless - Technical data fUiRK ROSE+KRIEGER Load data* with reference to carriage (deflection of guide element f = 0.5 mm, static, end elements supported) Geometric moment of inertia r 4l

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Order instructions: Version ■ Right- or lefthand thread ■ Choice of carriage - this must be ordered separately ■ Different "R" dimensions available on request ■ Higher temperature range available on request Total length = basic length + travel [mm] Version: 1 = righthand thread 2 = lefthand thread A = righthand thread with scale at 270° * B = righthand thread with scale at 270° * C = lefthand thread with scale at 270° * D = lefthand thread with scale at 270° * Rodless style | Drive + Guide

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Linear unit E-II-stainless – Versions Total length = basic length + travel Basic length

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Linear unit E-II-stainless – Versions Version Right- and lefthand thread Order instructions: Choice of guide carriage, this must be ordered separately The total length (total travel + basic length) in millimetres has to be specified when ordering Different “R” dimensions available on request Higher temperature range Righthand thread (shaft end L2) Lefthand thread (shaft end L1) Basic length _ _ _ _ Total length = basic length + total travel [mm] Version: 4 = 1 drive shaft at lefthand thread end 5 = 1 drive shaft at righthand thread end 6 = 2 drive shafts Version: 3 = Right and lefthand...

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Linear unit E-II-stainless - Versions

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Order instructions: ■ A rotation locking device (drive key) is included in the scope of delivery of the linear unit. Additional drive keys (e.g. for free-running guide carriages) can also be ordered as an optional extra ■ For further dimensions, please refer to the catalogue "Connecting Technology” Guide carriage ■ A range of different versions facilitate simple system mounting Scope of delivery: Guide carriage with screws, losely enclosed Material: Precision cast stainless steel 1.4308 (AISI CF-8), electropolished finish 0 = without scale A = scale at 270° Rodless style | Drive + Guide

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Linear unit E-II-stainless - Fixing

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Fixing element ■ Clamping elements for the simple fixing of Linear units E-II-stainless Material: Precision cast stainless steel 1.4308 (AISI CF-8), electropolished finish Rodless style | Drive + Guide

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Linear unit E-II-stainless - Fixing Fixing element

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Clamping lever ■ Accessory for fixing elements and guide carriages Material: Handle - precision cast stainless steel 1.4308 (AISI CF-8), electropolished finish. Other parts - stainless steel 1.4305 (AISI 303) Note: A washer (delivery scope of clamp) must be used if lever M10x40 shall be assembled ■ Slot covers, can be used as dust protection or stroke limitation ■ Can be shortened or lengthened if required Material: Stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304) Scope of delivery: Pack of 2 cover strips or as bar material Rodless style | Drive + Guide

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Linear unit E-II-stainless - Fixing / Drive fUiRK ROSE+KRIEGER Material: Duroplast PF31 black, hub made of stainless steel 1.4305 (AISI 303) Handle (rotating), stainless steel 1.4305 (AISI 303)

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Linear unit E-II-stainless – Position determination Order instruction: Material: High-performance film, transparent Self-adhesive Width:10 mm 4 mm high figures Image shows scale mounted at 0°, to be read from right to left. Standard mounting at 270° (90° not technically possible) Positioning indicator You will find the corresponding positioning indicator in the ”Linear technology” general catalogue Installation position: horizontal (Symbolic representation) Installation position: vertical (Symbolic representation)

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Linear unit E-II-stainless - Corrosion resistant

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Rodless style | Drive + Guid

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Our service Do you need to focus your resources on other tasks and are you looking for a competent partner you can rely on? Working in close collaboration with you, our specialists will develop solutions tailor-made to meet your needs. If you wish, we can also assemble and commission the units on site. ■ Just make a sketch of your requirements■ Our product specialists will devise a solution for you ■ We can deliver your turnkey solution or assemble and commission it for you on site

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KNOW-HOW r LINEAR- ^ PROFILECONNECTING MODULE- TECHNOLOGY FAX reply form Yes, I would like to know more about RK linear technology, please: d send me the Linear Technology catalogue Company:Contact partner: Department: Address: Tel. + Fax: E-mail: ru RK ROSE+KRIEGER A Phoenix Mecano Company □ send me details of your product range in PDF format on a CD-ROM d contact me rjA RK ROSE+KRIEGER A Phoenix Mecano Company Connecting and positioning systems E-mail: Internet: EN 1.000 Flyeralarm MAR 10 30 15 0012 03/2018 Printed in Germany

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