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Lifting columns for individual height adjustment

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Automation Technology A Phoenix Mecano Company Medical technology Lifting columns for individual height adjustment Media technology

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Preface Technology that adapts to your needs Electromotive modules for height adjustment are both contemporary and efficient. 9 As assembly aids that assist with heavy loads 9 As height adjustable standing or sitting workstations 9 As an effective support that enables greater independence for the physically challenged 9 Application options in the field of medical technology 9 For the adjustment of audio/video devices in the business and luxury segment for the sophisticated demands of your customers Reliable technology and easy installation in your application are essential. On the following...

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Overview Applications Medical equipment Media equipment Workplace ergonomics Product selection Alpha Colonne Electric cylinders Lifting columns and electric cylinders Hand switches Lifting columns Contact & Service

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Advantages 9 Approved acc. to standards for medical technical equipment 9 Quiet operation and smooth mechanics 9 Smooth surfaces – easy to clean 9 Resistant to disinfectants

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Medical equipment Customer application: Height adjustment of a massage table using the RK Powerlift Many of our lifting columns are approved for medical applications in compliance with EN 60601. The sleek design, reliability, stability and long service life all combine to provide maximum cost-effectiveness and safety. The areas of application for RK lifting columns are almost as exciting and diverse as the world of medicine itself. Tell us what you want to achieve. Contact & Service In the field of diagnostics, therapy and for general set-ups, lifting columns are often an integral part of...

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Advantages 9 Precise and safe 9 Easy-to-assemble 9 Simple and intuitive operation 9 Visually attractive integration

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Media equipment Presentation technology only visible during use. The lifting column further underscores the high-tech character. Luxury that's worthwhile Modern entertainment requires peripherals that enhance the overall experience. Contact & Service Lifting columns The expensive medical technology is cleverly concealed and only activated as and when required. This protects beamers, plasma screens and hi-fi systems against dust and keeps the high-quality equipment securely hidden from view. The sleek appearance of the stylish furnishings is not impaired by obtrusive entertainment...

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Advantages 9 Fewer absences due to illness 9 Mobilises the locomotor system 9 Increases concentration 9 Dynamic working helps prevent work fatigue

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Workplace ergonomics Alternating between standing and sitting Lifting columns When asked which is the best working posture, orthopaedists generally answer: "The one you're about to switch to!" Cardiologists constantly criticise the sedentary nature of most people's working days, stating we need to move more. Varying the burden on the locomotor and cardiovascular system and increasing activity has proven to be extremely effective. Contact & Service Our modular lifting columns are extremely convenient and easy to use. Depending on the application, they can be implemented as single-column or...

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Advantages 9 Increases individual mobility 9 Reduces the risk of falls 9 Promotes individual independence 9 Practically invisible technology

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The focus is on individual comfort. Hidden functionalities make life easier. Contact & Service This is the ambitious objective of many institutes and associations for the elderly and disabled. It is only natural that those affected are keen to live their lives as independently as possible. Innovative concepts offer valuable support. Height adjustable wall cupboards in the kitchen, height adjustable tables and washing basins are just some of the applications available. However, all of these applications require sophisticated technology. Motor-driven adjustable systems! We offer a consultancy...

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Patient-oriented examination Promoting good posture Individually adjustable workstation Ensuring good standing posture Adapting the workplace to your requirements How can we help you with your application?

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Queries from small companies are often turned down due to lack of viability, or because companies feel they are stepping outside their area of expertise. This is often a result of insufficient information on possible suppliers for drive modules, the complexity of the new challenge or how to handle the technical and economic aspects of the task. Our individual consultancy services can help. The following shows a few sample applications that may be similar to those required in your sector. Lifting columns ... and are experts in implementation The mechanical and electrotechnical aspects of all...

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Ergonomic testing station. Two RK Multilift lifting columns enable easy adjustment. Height adjustable operating table thanks to implementation of four AlphaColonne lifting columns. An RKPowerlift enables easy height adjustment of the workplace at a measuring station.

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Veterinary examination table. Height adjustment via foot switch on an RKPowerlift. Contact & Service Lifting columns The optimum height adjustment ensures a pleasant treatment environment for patients.

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Lifting columns - Product selection Finding the right lifting column Depending on technical and optical requirements, it takes just 2 steps to find the lifting column that matches your needs. Step 1 - Determine the type of lifting column. Step 2 - Choose the appropriate version. Step 1: Select the lifting column on the right that meets your requirements. Step 2: For step 2, please refer to the relevant catalogue page. Lifting columns

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Fz = Tensile force V = Travel speed Fz = Tensile force V = Travel speed Multi-stage lifting columns (more than 500 mm travel) Two-stage lifting columns (up to 500 mm travel) The data refer to the standard size Alpha Colonne Electric cylinders Protection rating Integrated limit switch Can be synchronised by means of control system Manual version optional bearings with POM slide bearing shells design, extremely quiet operation • 9 Enables high bending moments stroke/installation height ratio both tensile and compressive loads Integr. control Preferred field of application: Single columns (can...

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