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Lifting column RK Powerlift M

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Automation Technology A Phoenix Mecano Company now available with compressive forces

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Two-stage lifting column - RKPowerlift M The mini version of the RKPowerlift – the RKPowerlift M power receptacle with integrated fuse NEW Soft control versions are available with SMPS technology (Switched-Moded Power Supply technology) 99 Power supply / output versions RKPowerlift M Compressive forces to 3,000 N 99 start and stop process Soft 99 Overcurrent-monitoring 99 Temperature-monitoring 99 Single-fault protection 99 Energy-efficient 99 Weight-optimised Tensile forces 1,500 N Lifting speed 13 mm/s Features: ithstands high torsional and W bending moments Integrated motor Extremely...

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RKPowerlift M - Table of contents (Dimensions, order numbers) Accessories Fixing

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RKPowerlift M – Technical data General information/operating conditions RKPowerlift M for external control Type Design RKPowerlift M for internal control Rectangular lifting column in compact design Installation position Any position / suspended with drop protection provided by the customer Push force Pull force* Power input Protection class Ambient temperature Max. displacement with synchronous operation 0 -2 mm At nominal load, 15% (max. 1.5 mins operating time, 8.5 mins rest time) Duty cycle Load data *n medical applications, the maximum pull force of 750 N I must not be exceeded. Fpush=...

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1-2 RKPowerlifts in single or parallel operation 2-4 RKPowerlifts in synchronous operation Parallel operation Synchronous operation The standard version also supports parallel operation of two RKPowerlifts (no synchronisation). This may produce different lifting positions during operation, which can be levelled out by moving to the end positions. Synchronous operation of two or more columns. In conjunction with the integrated sensors, the control (page 8) ensures synchronisation, and this constant alignment of all the columns in both directions of travel, even if subject to different loads....

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RKPowerlift M - Versions Versions with internal control Hand switch connection Power supply Connecting cable (8-pin, 1.8 m) for an external control Power output (optional)

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Power supply (for internal control) with integrated fuse (can be replaced externally) Hand switch connection (for internal control) Power supply versions: Type 0: Standard, Power supply, top Type 1 (cable feedthrough): Power supply, top/ power output, bottom Installation height - 37 mm Einbauhöhe - 37 mm Installation height Einbauhöhe Type 3 (cable feedthrough): Power supply, bottom/ power output, top Type 4: Power supply, bottom Fixing slot (sealed with cover profile) to accommodate square nuts (see page 11)

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RKPowerlift M - Versions RKPowerlift M mono * Order information: Soft control versions are now available with SMPS technology. Only for Soft-Control-Versions please select IEC cable separately (page 15). The other versions with internal control will be available with SMPS from 2017. 1-2 single or parallel operation With internal control / SNT mono – Soft Control* With internal control/memory (9 positions can be stored) QPM13BC46_300 QPM13BC46_400 QPM13BC46_500 For mains supply versions see page 7 0 = Standard 1 = Type 1 3 = Type 3 4 = Type 4 Order information: Observe the current output of...

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RKPowerlift M - Versions RKPowerlift M synchro With internal control / synchro memory (9 positions can be stored) QPM13BC47_300 QPM13BC47_400 QPM13BC47_500 For mains supply versions see page 7 0 = Standard 1 = Type 1 3 = Type 3 4 = Type 4 Order information: Observe the current output of the drives when selecting the control. MultiControl duo approx. 36 V DC MultiControl quadro approx. 36 V DC External control synchro MultiControl duo connection C, up to max. I = 12 A current output, 36 V DC for synchronous control up to 2 drives MultiControl quadro connection C, up to max. I = 12 A current...

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RKPowerlift M - Fixing Assembly plate hese mounting plates are fitted T using the mounting kits supplied and fixed directly into the screw channels in the Powerlift „M“. A further 4 holes, in the mounting plate, allow easy connection, to brackets or corresponding fixture assembly work etc. Material: S 235 JR, black powdercoated, galvanised fixing set Scope of delivery: Plate, incl. fixing set Type Bottom assembly plate

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RKPowerlift M - Fixing Base plate Material: steel, black powder-coated (RAL 9005), Galvanised fastenings. Plastic cover made out of ABS, pigeon blue colored Scope of delivery: complete with fastenings Base plate, Plastic foot with adjusting thread, M10 Base plate for RKPowerlift M

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RKPowerlift M – Fixing RK SyncFlex H Horizontal alignment o prevent locked-up stress T in mechanically overdefined bearing systems (more than one fixed bearing) around the horizontal axis. With RK SyncFlex H defined loose bearings supplement the application. the Z-axis enables the freedom of movement required when moving the lifting columns. Scope of delivery: Adjuster plate, incl. fixing material

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RKPowerlift M - Fixing RK SyncFlex V Vertikale Ausrichtung f the lifting columns are not I parallel, the distance between the two upper fixing points will change during the movement. However, a rigid connection keeps this distance constant, and this means that the lifting columns are subject to very strong forces. RK SyncFlex V enables the compensation of unevenness in the mounting environment. he lifting columns can be T aligned via the vertical adjustment around the X-Y axes. Scope of delivery: Adjuster plate, incl. fixing material Option: Optionally available with or without pressure...

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RKPowerlift M – Position determination / Accessories Hand switches/accessories up Hand switch 2 function keys – 1 m spiral cable – Hand switch 2 function keys – 1 m cable – Table hand switch 2 function keys – 1 m spiral cable – Membrane keyboard 2 function keys – 1 m spiral cable – For internal control SNT mono Synchro Memory Soft Control Memory Hand switch 6 function keys / display – 1 m spiral cable – Hand switch 2 function keys – 1 m spiral cable – Foot switch – 2 function keys – 2 m cable – Wireless hand switch – 2 function keys – 1 m spiral cable – Bracket for hand switch Drawer for...

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