Complete catalogue -lifting columns and electric cylinders- for the new control generation MultiControl II - 100 Pages

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Complete catalogue -lifting columns and electric cylinders- for the new control generation MultiControl II

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Linear Technology Lifting columns and electric cylinders for the new control generation MultiControl II (from 2018)

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About Us As a subsidiary of the global Phoenix Mecano AG, we offer an unrivalled range of products in the fields of linear, profile, connecting and module technology. With decades of experience and expertise in a huge range of industrial applications, you need look no further for a highly competent partner. From the first point of contact through to delivery, we focus entirely on your requirements. Individual advice and short delivery periods are two central priorities in our customer-focused corporate philosophy. Our aim is your success, and we look forward to being your strategic partner....

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Our product range LINEAR TECHNOLOGY 99Linear actuators 99Manual guide units 99Electric cylinders 99Lifting columns 99We can move loads for you of up to 3 t and up to 12 m dynamically, reliably and with great precision CONNECTING TECHNOLOGY Clamp and release solutions 99Fittings for the secure clamp connection of round PROFILE TECHNOLOGY Lifting columns and square profiles 99Elements made of aluminium, stainless steel and plastic 99Sizes from 8 mm to 80 mm 99The proven and tested BLOCAN® aluminium MODULE TECHNOLOGY Controls & Accessories assembly system, with profiles offering cross-sections...

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How to use this catalogue Depending on your level of experience, we suggest you proceed as follows If you are new to linear technology Please use our selection guide from page 9 onwards. We will guide you to the right product for your particular application. If you know all about linear technology You know exactly what you require and can go straight to the right product category, where you will find a product overview on the first pages. Specific search ...f you are looking for a specific product, we suggest you start in our index on the last pages i of this catalogue. If you have any...

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RK ROSE+KRIEGER The RK linear circle ■ Lifting columns ■ Electric cylinders ■ Controls & Accessories Areas of application Page 10 ■ Workplace ergonomics ■ Industrial technology ■ Medical technology ■ Media technology Lifting columns ■ Product selection ■ Multilift II ■ RK Powerlift M ■ Multilift II telescope Controls & Accessories ■ MultiControl II duo ■ Compact-e-3-EU Appendix Page 91 ■ Inquiry form ■ Glossary ■ Index

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Electric cylinder Lifting columns Lifting columns 99Fully integrated technology / maintenance-free Your application takes centre stage 99Self-locking, even under max. load 99Withstands torsional and bending moments 99Clear anodised aluminium profile surface 99Special versions available on request Controls & Accessories from page 74

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Introduction Features: 99Fully integrated technology / maintenance-free 99Self-locking, even under max. load 99Can be installed in any position 99Various stroke lengths and speeds 99Special versions available on request Lifting columns Electric cylinder 99Duty cycle monitoring as overload protection (can be activated as standard) Controls & Accessories 99Memory function 99Mains-independent battery mode 99Wide-range input Controls & Accessories

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Preface Electromotive modules for height adjustment are both contemporary and efficient. Technology that adapts to your needs 9 As assembly aids that assist with heavy loads 9 As height adjustable standing or sitting workstations 9 As an effective support that enables greater independence for the physically challenged 9 Application options in the field of medical technology 9 For the adjustment of audio/video devices in the business and luxury segment for the sophisticated demands of your customers Reliable technology and easy installation in your application are essential. In the pages...

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Overview / fields of application (UiRK ROSE+KRIEGER The applications on the following pages show a selection of customer applications which were achieved with our products. Compliance with applicable standards and safety requirements for the end product were ensured by our customers. 9 Control rooms (power plant, police, fire service, radio, locks) 9 Assembly workstations 9 Laboratory workstations 9 Control cabinet installation 9 RK LEAN assembly workstation systems 9 Office workstations 9 Table press machine 9 Polishing machines 9 Equipment carrier systems 9 Scissor lift adjustment 9...

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Advantages 9 Fewer absences due to illness 9 Mobilises the locomotor system 9 Increases concentration 9 Dynamic working helps prevent work fatigue

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Workplace ergonomics Control system (radio) Lifting column: RK Powerlift Lifting columns Alternating between standing and sitting When asked which is the best working posture, orthopaedists generally answer: “The one you’re about to switch to.” Cardiologists constantly criticise the sedentary nature of most people’s working days, stating we need to move more. Varying the burden on the locomotor and cardiovascular system and increasing activity has proven to be extremely effective. Controls & Accessories Our modular lifting columns are extremely convenient and easy to use. Depending on the...

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Areas of application Laboratory workstation Multi-shift operation in particular calls for great adaptabiility and durability. Control cabinet installation Lifting column: RK Powerlift LEAN assembly workstation systems Lifting column: RK Multilift Production processes are arranged section by section in so-called islands. Where the operator changes frequently (e.g. in shift operation), individual adjustment of the working height makes good ergonomic sense and increases productivity. Lifting column: RK Powerlift With the RK modular system, almost any workstation design can be realised and...

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Workplace ergonomics Lifting column: RK Multilift Lifting columns Laboratory workstation Lifting column: RK Powerlift Controls & Accessories Office workstation

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Advantages 9 Stable guidance 9 Integrated technology 9 Guided start-up 9 Multiple synchronisation possible 9 Simple process connection

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