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Automation Technology Connecting Technology Brochure PDF file to download Connecting Technology RK Rose+Krieger GmbH Connecting and positioning systems Potsdamer Straße 9 32423 Minden, Germany Telefon + 49 571 93 35-0 Telefax + 49 571 93 35-119 EN 1.000 Bösmann Nr.: MAR1010150002 XX / 20XX Printed in Germany Flexible clamping and release of tubes

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How to use this catalogue Depending on your level of experience, we suggest you proceed as follows If you are new to connecting technology Please use our selection guide from page 9 onwardp. We will guide you to the right product for your particular application. If you know all about connecting technology You know exactly what you require and can go straight to the right product category, where you will find a product overview on the first pagep. Specific search ...if you are looking for a specific product, we suggest you start in our index on the last pages of this catalogue. If you have...

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Connecting Technology Selection guide � Flexible Clamping (What is Connecting Technology?) � Four steps to your recommended product (How do I find the right product?) Light Clamps Platic tube connectors � Light load range Solid Clamps Aluminium tube connectors � Medium to heavy load range Robust Clamps Stainless steel tube connectors � Shock-proof load range Selection guide Introduction Light Clamps Solid Clamps Robust Clamps Support arm/equipment carrier system Appendix � Sketches / Notes From page 304 Introduction

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About Us As a subsidiary of the global Phoenix Mecano AG, we offer an unrivalled range of products in the fields of linear, profile, connecting and module technology. With decades of experience and expertise in a huge range of industrial applications, you need look no further for a highly competent partner. From the first point of contact through to delivery, we focus entirely on your requirementp. Individual advice and short delivery periods are two central priorities in our customer-focused corporate philosophy. Our aim is your success, and we look forward to being your strategic partner....

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Selection guide Introduction Our product range LINEAR TECHNOLOGY Solid Clamps CONNECTING TECHNOLOGY Light Clamps 9 Linear actuators 9 Manual guide units 9 Electric cylinders 9 Lifting columns 9 We can move loads for you of up to 3 t and up to 12 m dynamically, reliably and with great precision Clamp and release solutions PROFILE TECHNOLOGY Robust Clamps 9 Fittings for the secure clamp connection of round and square profiles 9 Elements made of aluminium, stainless steel and plastic 9 Sizes from 8 mm to 80 mm Consultancy services and optimisation 9 We develop, manufacture and assemble 9...

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What we can do for you We help you make the right choice: CAD component library To help you design your products, we give you free access to the component data stored in our Rose+Krieger component library (drawings, technical descriptions). This library lets you choose between around 60 different file formats (2D/3D). The link to our component server can be found on our web site at: In-house RK product consultancy The RK infovan - our showroom on your doorstep. With more than 20 presentation boards containing exhibits and functional...

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Selection guide Introduction Do you need to focus your resources on other tasks and are you looking for an expert partner you can rely on? Working in close collaboration with you, our specialists will develop solutions tailor-made to meet your needp. If you wish, we can also assemble and commission the units on site. Robust Clamps Solid Clamps Light Clamps Just make a sketch of your requirements Our product specialists will develop a solution for you We can deliver your turnkey solution or assemble and commission it for you on site

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Level of service You decide... 100% Modules and systems You require your skills and time for other tasks and are looking for a partner you can rely on. Different models, modified standards Our expertise at your fingertipp. Our expert consultants can recommend the optimum products modified to your requirementp. Catalogue items If you know what you want and take the time to browse our catalogue, you are sure to find what you’re looking for in our standard range. 9 A broad range of compatible products 9 40 years of experience in numerous industries 9 Expert advice for all your requirements 9...

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Flexible Clamping What is Connecting Technology Connecting precision round and square tube with reliability and stability whilst also making removing easy, appears to be a difficult task. The RK connecting technology, which has been proven over years of use, meets this requirement in a simple and perfect fashion. Our versatile connection elements offer you the chance to implement creative and flexible solutions, because you can rely on our product. We are sure to have the right part for you, and if not we will develop one especially. Why drilling, riveting, welding... …when it‘s quicker...

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Selection guide Introduction How to find the right product Four steps to your recommended product The application always takes centre stage Light Clamps Light load range Medium to heavy load range Solid Clamps Shock-proof load range What features should the product have? Right angle connection Axially parallel connection Robust Clamps Hinge connection Which product design do you want? Single-piece elements: for faster and more economic assembly Multi-piece elements: for add-on assembly and upgrading Which performance category do you require? ITAS Round tube Square tube Ø Diameter …follow...

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Light load range Features: 9 Easy 9 Good value 9 Variable Selection guide Light Clamps continue on page 14 Your appli takes centr

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Medium to heavy load range Robust Clamps Solid Clamps Solid Clamps Selection guide Introduction 9 Reliable 9 Solid 9 Price/Performance optimised 9 Great variety Light Clamps cation e stage Robust Clamps continue on page 18 Shock-proof load range Selection guide 9 Extremly strong 9 Vibration proof 9 Impact and shock load 9 Corrosion resistant

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