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Automated Format Adjustment

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in cooperation with / . LENORD > +BAUER Finding solutions. Founding trust.

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Automated Format Adjustment RK Rose+Krieger and LENORD+BAUER benefit from the synergies that arise from the sensible combination of their product ranges RK Rose+Krieger GmbH and Lenord, Bauer & Co. GmbH from Oberhausen both work together to meet customer demands for fully automated infeed axes. The actuators can be used either as stand-alone components or as a modular overall system, and can be plugged directly into the machine control system using the integrated fieldbus  interface. The only things then needed to commission the linear actuator with automatic adjustment are a 24 V power...

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Compact and versatile quad® EV profile actuator – for the medium load range quad EV profile actuator ® ball-bearing shafts Choice of carriages/ fixing elements W for optimal integration into existing structures protected against contamination Adjustable slide guide 99 twin-tube actuator ed otect Unpr The EP/EPX twin-tube actuator generation – compensates for high bending moments Screw with choice of slide bearing or ball bearing I 99deal for use in environments with fine dust/abraded particles thanks to slide bearings Carriages available with optional slide bushing Lower input torque 99 W...

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9 Screw covered by guiding tube 9 Large selection of carriages and fixing options *in relation to an overall length of 500 mm Versions ■ Right- or left-hand threaded screw ■ Right- and left-hand threaded screw ■ Split screw 9 Open screw 9 Twin tube linear unit 9 Possibility of high torque load *in relation to an overall length of 500 mm Versions ■ Right- or left-hand threaded screw ■ Right- and left-hand threaded screw ■ Split screw Automated Format Adjustment

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9 Protected screw 9 Large selection of carriages and fixing options 9High operational performance *in relation to an overall length of 500 mm Versions ■ Right- or left-hand threaded screw ■ Right- and left-hand threaded screw ■ Split screw Automated Format Adjustment

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The PowerDRIVE reduces the setup times for format adjustment Lenord + Bauer offers a modular application for the automation of linear actuators, consisting of: ■ Fully automated actuators PowerDRIVE-Positioning and PowerDRIVE-Motion ■ Electronic control unit PowerDRIVE-Box for up to 5 actuators ■ Pre-packaged software modules PowerDRIVE-Lib ■ Single-cable wiring (hybrid cable) PowerDRIVE-Connect ■ Complete retrofit set PowerDRIVE-TouchBox PowerDRIVE - actuators for RK Rose+Krieger linear actuators ■ Non-wearing, brush-free 24 V DC motor and compact spur gear ■ Sturdy housing in aluminium or...

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/ ILENORD > +BAUER Finding solutions. Founding trust We will gladly support you in implementing your automation requirements with the PowerDRIVE system Depending on customer requirements and the technical circumstances, the PowerDRIVE system is either integrated into the existing control-system architecture or constructed as a cost-effective parallel system. And if you wish, we can also integrate the system into your machine control system for you. We are on hand with expert advice at every stage of your project. Does your application require a customised actuator, and are you looking for a...

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Drive + Guide E tubular linear unit Features: Units for light to heavy moving applications EP/EPX tubular linear unit Features: High torque capacity Version available with large fixing plate quad® EV linear unit Features: Screw covered by steel Wide range of available carriages and fixing elements Size PowerDRIVE including torque support Freely selectable stroke/simple ordering process E tubular linear unit Choice of carriage models Choice of axis fixation Attachment of RH torque support EP/EPX tubular linear unit quad® EV linear unit Choice of carriage models Choice of axis fixation...

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Possible applications Packaging system (EP 40 linear unit) Tripod system (EP/EPX linear unit) Packaging system (quad® EV linear unit) Labelling machine (E linear unit) Brush adjustment (EP/EPX linear unit) Labelling machine (E linear unit) Automated Format Adjustment

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Our service If you want to focus your resources on other tasks and are looking for an expert partner you can rely on, our specialists will work closely with you to develop tailor-made solutions. If you wish, we can also assemble and commission the units on site. Product Consultancy Just make a sketch of your requirements Our product specialists will We can deliver your turnkey solution or assemble and commission it for you on site Automated Format Adjustm

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fUi RK ROSE+KRIEGER LINEAR TECHNOLOGY 9 Manual adjustment units 9 Electric cylinders 9 Lifting columns 9 Linear axes 9 We can move loads for you of up to 3 t and 12 m dynamically, reliably and with great precision PROFILE TECHNOLOGY 9 The tried and tested BLOCAN® aluminium assembly system 9 Sections from 20 mm to 320 mm for all applications 9 Connecting technology with an unsurpassed combination of flexibility and reliability CONNECTING TECHNOLOGY 9 Fittings for the secure clamp connection of round and square tubes 9 Elements made of aluminium, stainless steel and plastic 9 Sizes from 8 mm...

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FAX reply form EN 1.000 Flyeralarm MAR 10 30 15 0008 03/2016 Printed in Germany XYes, I would like to know more about RK linear technology, please: I~1 send me the Linear Technology catalogue [~~| send me details of your product range in PDF format on a CD-ROM □ contact me CUi RK ROSE+KRIEGER A Phoenix Mecano Company Department: Connecting and positioning systems Address: Tel. + Fax: E-mail: RK Rose+Krieger GmbH Postfach 15 64 32375 Minden, Germany Telephone:+49 (0)571 93 35-0 Fax: +49 (0)571 93 35-119 E-mail: Internet:

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