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Automation Technology A Phoenix Mecano Company

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Assembly Workstation-Systems Developed under the aspect of ergonomical and order specific configurated workstations With the RK Easywork selection tool, a complete assembly work table can be online configured to meet ergonomic and task-specific requirements. Step by step, the selection tool guides you through all of the options on the way to creat your ideal workstation. Additional lighting, holders for grab containers, foot rests, standing chairs and ESD accessories are all available, along with other useful devices. Your application takes centre stage Features: Assembly workstations...

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The RK Easywork workstation system is based on RK Rose+Krieger’s complete modular system. BLOCAN® construction profiles made from aluminium and the electrically driven lifting columns offer a perfect combination for the creation of high-quality table concepts. Customers can choose between the simplest static tables or electrically height-adjustable work tables and configure their own combinations. PROFILE TECHNOLOGY LINEAR TECHNOLOGY CONNECTING TECHNOLOGY Ergonomic assembly workstations increase productivity and reduce physical strain Being able to adjust the table height to suit the...

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Ergonomics, workstation design Material-grab facilities Complex manual workstations need a detailed consideration of the grab area. Different positions of the wrists. can badly restrict the free movement. Therefore, harmonic motion sequences shall be targeted. The anatomically ideal arm position is reached with vertically falling upper arms, whereby the forearms are directed forward and slightly down. The employees’hands shall work in the approximate height of their stomach. Illumination of the workplace Specific illumination of the workplace is very important. ESD protection (Electrostatic...

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Optimal work heights and fields of view Standing Body upstanding | upper arms vertical down | approximate right angle between upper arm and forearm | head/visual angle about 30-35°. Sitting Torso vertical | upper arms vertical | forearms horizontal | view angle about 40° to the bottom | thighs horizontal | shanks vertical | feet should have flat contact to the bottom. If that is not possible, please use foot rests. Apart from jobs where people only sit or stand, optional work heights should be aimed at. Especially motor controlled adjustable systems facilitate comfortable changing of...

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Online selection Step 1 Selection of the base frame: two options possible static or height adjustable Selection of the profiles: 4 sides with grooves or closed outer profile Specification of the demension height, width, depth You can select from four different materials and decide if you need visual cover Select the numbers of drawers If you decided to use a gantry, you will be asked about lamps, power supply, grab containers and ingenious accessories.

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You can select more article in the Overview of completed selection Send your enquiry, finished ! Soon you will receive your indivi- dual offer.

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Basic variants Static Assembly workstation system Base frame made from profiled bars 40x40 and 40x80 (closed grooves optional) Variable height (min. 750 max. 1250 mm), width and depth of the table Maximum supporting capacity 2500 N with constant load distribution ESD-accessories available Material of table tops and visual screen optional Optional gantry with configurable accessories Drawer cabinets in various designs Standard width: 1200, 1600, 2000 mm Standard depth: 800 mm Electrical height-adjustment two-column system Height adjustment by two-column-system (Multilift-columns) Adjustment...

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Configuration levels Document holder Perf. boards/tool holders Drawer cabinet System lamps Grab containers Power supply Mounting rail/mat. panel Foot rest Runner profile Swivelling material panel 9

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Attachment components/Accessories Table tops Chipboard coated Runner profile Power supply Design -centre- System lamps Perforated Boards Tool holder Mounting profile Material panel roller carriage Page 17 Grab containers Document holder Monitor holder Material rail ...swivelling Drawer cabinet

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Attachment components

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Load data Determination of maximum load FM = FT - FP - FA FM = maximum mechanical load FT = max supporting of the basic table FP = dead load of the gantry FA = dead load of the attachment parts and assembly material Maximum supporting load of the basic table FT Dead load of the gantry FP Static tables Electrically height-adjustment- two-column system

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Attachment components Table top Different materials can be selected for the table top depending on the field of application. Chipboard coated Decorative, plastic coated, easy to clean, with edge banding Beech-multiplex top High payload and bending strength, can be machined well coated chipboard (melamine), light grey coated chipboard (HPL), light grey oiled multiplex board, beech oiled multiplex board, beech Standard size Further versions are available on request.Cut to size according to customer specifications.

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Attachment components Gantry gantry with open grooves (Profil F-40x80-L) gantry with closed grooves (Profil F-GG 40x80) 2. Gantry width (inside) depends on the desk width. mounting kit for static table mounting kit for electrical height adjustment - two-column system The gantry is mounted on the rear side of the workstation and serves for supporting lamps, grab containers, accessories, tools, etc.

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Comfortable and efficient work requires an absolutely glare-free layout and positioning of the lamps. Additionally, an even illumination of the work area is absolutely necessary. Depending on the work task it, might be reasonable to install additional swivelling lamps next to the central mounted one. It has been proven that this reduces the error rate and increases the employees’ performance. System lamp Connected el. loads: see order sheet table; 50/60 Hz Component parts: -central-: 2x compact fluorescent lamps TC-L 36 W neutral white 4000 K -LH/RH: 1x TC-L 36 W neutral white 4000 K Power...

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