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If you want to strengthen your system... ...simple and universal combine your lightweight connections The new reduction sleeves from RK Rose+Krieger now allow these lightweight systems to be easily extended with the aluminium clamp connectors and tubes from the RK Rose+Krieger Solid Clamps system. The 28 adapter sleeve reduces the 30 mm internal diameter of the aluminium clamp to the standard 28 mm tube size. In this way, it allows for a direct connection between the two systems, giving the user greater freedom with regards to a system design. Up until now, it was not possible to combine the two systems. But thanks to the new adapter sleeves, users can now connect up 28 mm simple assembly axial and rotation locking retrot at existing systems and structures possible lightweight systems that use sheet metal connectors and Solid Clamps from RK Rose+Krieger. The reducing bushes are very easy to mount and have axial and rotation locking. This alternative gives the user the benet of the considerably greater variety that the Solid Clamps system from RK Rose+Krieger offers.

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Simple adaption of the tube connection systems The reducing sleeves couldn‘t be easier to mount. Push the sleeve in the RK-tube connector, set up the clamping screw (the sleeve is now safe against axial movement and twisting), the tube with Ø 28 mm can be now connected – Done! Solid Clamps Following RK-tube connectors can be combined with adapter sleeves: Aluminium Industrial-Design Sizes 30 to 28 mm reducible: Cross clamps Angle clamps Base clamps Flange clamps Sleeve clamps Insert clamps The adapter sleeves for three diameter ranges The adapter sleeves for three diameter ranges, since the...

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