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CLAMP-ON FLOW MEASUREMENT For hydropower and water supply Compact – Easy – Worth your Investment Additional Values • Pre-set Leak Detection System • Temporary or permanent installation • Silt monitoring • Easy to install • High repeatability of measured values • Multi pipe section (1 Instrumentation Controller– up to 4 pipes) Description The RISONIC clamp-on system is based on the same architecture and operational design as all other RISONIC applications. Clamp-on sensors are designed for non-intrusive flow measurement in situations where pipes cannot be dewatered or drilling of the pipe for permanent installation is not feasible. The clamp-on sensor measures the flow through the pipe wall at very high levels of accuracy and repeatability. In addition, installation is very quick and easy – whether for temporary or permanent use. Several 100 RISONIC clamp-on solutions are in operation all over the world. The RISONIC clamp-on system features a magnetic mounting frame for the sensors which allows for very ea

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FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES • Non-intrusive ultrasonic flow measurement - no drilling into pipe and no interruption to operations • Easy installation with magnetic sensor frames, adhesive mounting or mounting straps • Multi pipe section - 1 RISONIC clamp-on controller can control up to 4 different pipes and diameters • Price/Performance - highly accurate measurement with 1 or 2 measu ring paths (multi paths also supported) • Includes a pre-set leakage detection system and other applications such as total flow, sediment monitoring and advanced mathematical calculations • Bi-directional flow...

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