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System consulting - 1

Rittal – The System. Faster – better – worldwide. System Consulting Industrial Enclosures Power Distribution System Climate Control

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System consulting - 2

Uncovering savings potential together

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System consulting - 3

Rittal offers you more than just efficient products. Rittal can help you to save costs along the complete value creation chain. All you need to do is to uncover and realise the hidden potential. A whole team of Rittal experts – who know exactly what they are talking about – are waiting to give you their support. Together with your own specialists, they investigate the full process chain from initial development and engineering through to the actual manufacturing. Always on the lookout for optimisation potential. Rittal here offers you an ingeniously integrated concept combining consulting,...

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System consulting - 4

Step 1: Analysis of current situation Step 2: Recognise potential Rittal follows a systematic road to the solution. The starting point is a customer-specific analysis of the current situation at all levels: The second step is to uncover the potential for time and cost savings. An individual evaluation scrutinises data consistency, technology efficiency and the possibilities for process optimisation. In many cases, this already identifies the first savings. ● Products, tools and software used ● Defined processes and procedures ● Efficiency of the solution

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System consulting - 5

Step 3: Implement measures Step 4: Performance review With corresponding support from Rittal, the customer can now translate the theoretical results into concrete efficiency-boosting measures. Rittal possesses all the necessary intelligent tools, solutions and systems. Each component is perfectly integrated – without compromise, without the need for improvisation. A systematic approach is the key to significantly enhanced efficiency. To this end, Rittal offers a unique complete package (products, planning and software, service and support). After a defined period, we join you to review the...

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System consulting - 6

Example: Baying system TS 8 Example: Power distribution ● Infinite possibilities and universal baying capability. ● Power Engineering software for fast and optimum ● Comprehensive range of system accessories permits individual configuration. ● Compatible with all fields of application: Industrial, IT, power distribution and climate control. configuration of low-voltage distribution systems. ● Coordinated modular system on the basis of the TS 8 platform – open to practically all system manufacturers in the field of low-voltage switchgear.

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System consulting - 7

System is what counts processes ● Faster planning and design ● Consistent system solution ● Fewer interfaces costs ● Manual modifications ● Purchasing expenses ● Storage costs ● Complexity – Example: Climate control Example: Tools ● Rittal Therm software for energy-efficient ● Consistent process from CAD, via electrical planning configuration of climate control. ● Enclosure – roof plate with cut-out – cooling unit: and climate control calculation, through to provision of the manufacturing data. Everything fits perfectly. Modifications and reworking are now superfluous.

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System consulting - 8

Ideal basis for efficiency Some 70 to 80% of the material, production and operating costs are already defined at the engineering stage. Optimisation of the influencing factors permits a significant reduction of these costs. The following three examples show how costs can be tackled at their source. Example: RiCAD 3D ● All 3D design data are made available immediately and can be used directly for planning in your own CAD system. ● Drawing data from RiCAD 3D form the basis for effici- ent enclosure configuration in EPLAN Cabinet.

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System consulting - 9

Example: EPLAN Example: Rittal Therm ● EPLAN Cabinet provides integrative data for down- ● The total power loss can be entered directly as a key stream processing at the manufacturing stage. ● The interaction between EPLAN Electric P8 and EPLAN Cabinet permits simpler definition of the total power loss of a system. parameter in Rittal Therm, or else taken over from the EPLAN platform. ● Overdimensioning of the cooling unit by just 1 kW already results in avoidable energy costs of approx. € 1,000 over the course of 3 years.

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System consulting - 10

Engineering tools/Service RiCAD 3D 3D data that enables efficient planning Irrespective of which CAD system you use, RiCAD 3D effectively supports your system design efficiency and productivity. It includes both 2D and 3D drawings for virtually all Rittal products together with an extensive range of system accessories. Rittal Therm Precise and efficient climate control Rittal Therm undertakes the time consuming calculation of the necessary cooling power and selects the matching products. Benefits: ● Precisely detailed CAD product data ● Export in all standard CAD formats ● Simple...

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System consulting - 11

Configurators TS 8 configurator A complete enclosure assembled using just eight clicks that includes parts list and 3D model, etc. Benefits: ● Easy menu-assisted fitting out of a bayed TS 8 enclosure with bases/plinths, side panels and the handle system required ● Mounting rails and a punched section with mounting flange can be pre-assembled for interior installation ● This will result in the creation of a 3D drawing that can be incorporated directly in the system design or integrated in EPLAN Cabinet Command panel configurators Optimum and easily defined...

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System consulting - 12

Rittal – The System. Faster – better – worldwide. Maximum efficiency, reduced costs, energy savings. Rittal’s strategy says think in terms of system solutions and provide a system for all applications – from power distribution and automation, to building installation, through to the IT infrastructure. And offer your customers unprecedented benefits. Ⅵ Industrial enclosures Ⅵ Power distribution Ⅵ Electronic packaging Ⅵ System climate control Ⅵ IT systems Rittal GmbH & Co. KG ⅐ Postfach 1662 ⅐ D-35726 Herborn Telephone: +49(0)2772 505-0 ⅐ Telefax: +49(0)2772 505-2319 ⅐ eMail: ⅐...

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