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RiZone-Data center Infrastructure management


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RiZone-Data center Infrastructure management - 1

RiZone – Data Centre Infrastructure Management Power Distribution Climate Control SOFTWARE & SERVICEs

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RiZone-Data center Infrastructure management - 2

RiZone – Data Centre Infrastructure Management What can the RiZone Data Centre Infrastructure Management Software do? 1. he management platform for all components T in the physical data centre infrastructure. || Fast configuration, automatic detection of all active Rimatrix components. || Precise adaptation to requirements, a modular licence model. || Efficient administration of the physical infrastructure (from the “single-enclosure data centre” through to the redundant data centre), with a high level of flexibility. 2. iZone can communicate with a server manageR ment system. This allows...

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RiZone-Data center Infrastructure management - 3

RiZone is modular and scalable. For small companies through to large data centres || Administration, monitoring and control of: access, climate control, power supply and safety. It does not matter whether a single rack or one or more data centres at different locations are involved. RiZone – From monitoring, to administration, to response || The automated functions permit automated monitoring of the data centre. || Mathematical equations can be used to link arbitrary data. || The graphically created workflows specify the automated mechanisms that generate warnings or intervene directly in...

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RiZone-Data center Infrastructure management - 4

RiZone – Outstanding benefits for users Rittal RiZone

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RiZone-Data center Infrastructure management - 5

See your IT in context from now on Mindful of availability, rationalisation and future orientation, the physical infrastructure of the IT landscape must be viewed in context. RiZone offers this context in a new, user-friendly format. Key for security: Take preventive action RiZone identifies hot-spots on servers or pending phase overloads early on. Immediate changes to the climate control or power supply ensure a considerably enhanced level of reliability in day-to-day operation. Key for resource planning: Identifying trends Extensions to IT may be implemented transparently using RiZone....

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RiZone-Data center Infrastructure management - 6

RiZone – Simple incorporation of all components RiZone – Perfect support of Rittal IT infrastructure components Rittal components – from server enclosures to climate control, from power supply to security and monitoring technology – receive optimum support during integration and in the operational phase, thanks to coordinated sensors and control. || Automatic detection of Rittal components || Workflow editor for user-defined scenarios (what happens if ...) || Increased security and reliability || The physical data centre infrastructure is incorporated into a data centre infrastructure...

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RiZone-Data center Infrastructure management - 7

he main low-voltage T distributor 2 ninterruptible power U supply (UPS) 3 ir/water heat exchanger A Liquid Cooling Package (LCP) 4 Chiller for IT cooling 5 Aisle containment 6 PDR rack 7 ack monitoring system R Rittal CMC III 1 RiZone Visualisation || Alarms overlay schematic or photo- graphic representations. The complete overview is customised for each application. RiZone Charts || All values imported or calculated by RiZone can be grouped and shown in diagrams as required. RiZone Autodiscovery || Rimatrix components and SNMP-com- patible third-party devices (optional) are detected in the...

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RiZone-Data center Infrastructure management - 8

RiZone – The solution for your data centre, from the very first rack Application example for monitoring and control of the infrastructure in individual server racks The requirements governing the control algorithms of RiZone are identical, whatever the size of the data centre. This means that RiZone is designed for use in any IT application. It supports the management of any IT infrastructure components. RiZone is composed of several licence modules. The user can choose between a “Software Appliance” or “Hardware Appliance” licence depending on whether RiZone should run on a true server or...

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RiZone-Data center Infrastructure management - 9

The availability of the IT infrastructure must be protected regardless of the size of the company, be it a “one-rack data centre” or a large “server farm”. Big or small, RiZone always offers full functionality for controlling and monitoring all IT components. RiZone can be adapted to the size of the company with a flexible licence model. Application example for monitoring and control of the IT infrastructure in small and medium-sized data centres RiZone adapts ideally to all the requirements of a data centre, enabling it to keep pace with a company’s IT requirements. || The Workflow Engine...

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RiZone-Data center Infrastructure management - 10

RiZone – Outstanding transparency for complex applications Rittal RiZone

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RiZone-Data center Infrastructure management - 11

Application example for monitoring and control of the entire IT infrastructure with a complex data centre and a cooling concept for efficient use of electricity, water and air. High heat loads in modern data centres, maximum availability, and the most energy-efficient climate control system available. To accommodate all three of these requirements, you need an individual concept. Room and rack technology, low-voltage distribution and UPS, cooling generation and targeted distribution can operate reliably and efficiently if coordinated by an all-in-one administration, monitoring and control...

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RiZone-Data center Infrastructure management - 12

Licences RiZone Appliance Standard RiZone is supplied as an appliance or a software appliance. As an appliance, RiZone is supplied with global support, installed on a powerful server. The software appliance is available as a virtual server which can easily be used on existing hardware in the data centre. Also required: RiZone Appliance IP node licence according to the number of IP nodes available. Standard version Hardware appliance1) Software appliance1) 1) Model No. DK Server with Windows RiZone software Hard drive + Windows RiZone software RiZone graphics tool RiZone graphics tool All...

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RiZone-Data center Infrastructure management - 13

RiZone – A completely new dimension of efficiency Modular and scalable, Rittal IT infrastructure components for access, climate control, power supply and security are administered, monitored and controlled via RiZone. The building control system may also be integrated (e.g. via a BACnet SNMP gateway). As well as SNMPv1 and v2, communication via SNMPv3 is now also supported. The encryption and authentication options with SNMPv3 produce major security benefits in the data centre. With the optional RiZone module “SNMP support for third-party equipment”, any equipment from third-party...

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